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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m tired of all this snow and am ready for a vacation! One destination at the top of my list is Puerto Rico. It’s a recent addition to my list of must-visit vacation spots. I researched this All-Star Island and discovered many exciting adventures and attractions that both John and I would love.

Here’s a few things on my “Must-Do Itinerary” when I visit Puerto Rico:

1. Relax on the beach. I want to kick my feet up with a good book, fruity drink and soak in all the gorgeous scenery. Puerto Rico has 270 miles of coastline and was featured in the Top 10 beaches from the Travel Channel. Perhaps I’ll go to Flamenco Beach in Culebra which is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world.

2. Kayak over the Bioluminescent bays. There aren’t many of these in the world, but there are THREE in Puerto Rico. The water glows and it looks like your sailing over stars. It’s a natural wonder that I’ve always wanted to experience.

3. Hike trails in the rainforest. El Yunque is the only rainforest under the US national park service. I’ve never been to a rainforest and would love to take in the lush vegetation and exotic animals and birds. I’ll be bringing my camera with a telephoto lens so I can take lots of pictures. El Yunque is a prime spot for bird watching!

4. Explore the blue cobblestone streets of Old San Juan. With it’s old world charm rich with history, Old San Juan is full of sites to see. I want to experience the colonial architecture, musuems, shops, restaurants and more.

5. Discover the Camuy Caves and see the world’s third largest underground river. There are tours of some of the caves and sinkholes and it is considered one of the most popular natural attractions on the island.

6. Taste delicious Puerto Rican fare and drink the world famous rums. Puerto Rico is known for having the best rums in the world and I’d love to try a cocktail or two on an evening out dancing with John.

As you can see, Puerto Rico has so much to offer! Whether you love adventure, history or just want to relax, Puerto Rico appeals to a variety of preferences. It’s also easy to travel to Puerto Rico for Americans. There’s no need for a passport or to exchange your currency. Just hop on a plane and away you go!

Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico. What are you most looking forward to checking out in Puerto Rico? 

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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