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Visa payWave It Forward

Disclosure:  I received a gift card as compensation. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I enjoy donating to charities and it always makes me feel good inside to know that my contribution no matter how small or large is going to a worthy cause. My Grandma June taught me the importance of giving to charity. She had a few charities she supported every year and even on her small fixed income, she still managed to set some money aside to give to her favourite causes.

In a survey commissioned by Visa Canada, I learned that Canadians are generous with 71% donating money to charity last year. 56% of Canadians said they wished they could give more with 24% saying they would give more if there was a more convenient way to donate. It makes perfect sense. Life is hectic and if there was an easy way to donate and I was reminded about donating, I could see myself giving more money.

Visa payWave It Forward

I think what Visa Canada and other key retailers are doing with the Visa payWave It Forward program is pretty awesome. Basically how it works is for a limited time when you use your Visa payWave at participating retailers, Visa Canada will donate $1 to the retailer’s choice of charity.

You may be wondering what is payWave? You might even already have a Visa payWave and not even realize it! Take out your Visa card and look for the payWave symbol pictured below on the front of your card. I had to pull mine out to doublecheck and I have it on mine. Most of the major banks in Canada offer Visa cards with the payWave feature (Royal Bank, CIBC, Desjardins, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust).

Using the Visa payWave is the simplest thing ever. I remember asking the cashier the first time I tried it, “is that all??” It literally only takes a second and is by far the easiest way to pay.




All you really do is wave the card over the terminal and boom it’s processed. There’s no PIN to key in and no signatures. Your Visa Card is billed just like it normally would be and is secure. It’s great to use for smaller amounts and merchants will have a set limit for its use.

Support Ronald McDonald House

Today I went out shopping and stopped by McDonalds on the way home to pick up some lunch. From November 12 to 25th at McDonalds, $1 will be donated to Ronald McDonald House when use your Visa payWave to pay for your purchase.

I snapped a quick picture of  the terminal while I was waiting for my order. You can see the payWave symbol at the very top of the device. All I had to do was wave my Visa card over top and it was approved immediately. Now that was an effortless donation!


I often pick up coffee at McDonalds so I’ll be using my Visa payWave card till the 25th and doing a small good deed to help out a charity. It’s a purchase I’ll be making anyways so I figure why not give back?


I encourage you to check your Visa cards and see if you have the payWave symbol. If you do and you’re at McDonalds, give it a try. It’s straightforward to use and you’ll also be giving a $1 to Ronald McDonald House. It’s also pretty neat to use the payWave!

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