Holiday Shopping + Saving Money with ShopWise

The hunt is on! I’ve set my budget and my holiday shopping is now underway. I’m searching for the best deals I can find and have recently discovered an awesome resource that has helped me find the products I’m looking for at the best possible prices. Saving money is always a good thing right? I have to give credit to ShopWise, the most complete shopping app out there for Canadians!

What is ShopWise?

ShopWise is a comprehensive shopping app that helps you find the best deals on products from major retailers and local stores all across Canada. It’s intuitive and will show you all the best local and online deals so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and save both time and money. Offered for free by Yellow Pages Group, the newest version, ShopWise, is currently available for iPad and iPhone users and the older version is available on Blackberry and Android. ShopWise will be available on Blackberry and Android in 2014. 

My Favourite Features of ShopWise 

John and I are planning a trip into the city to do some holiday shopping. However, before we go, I’ll be checking out ShopWise so we’ll know exactly what stores to hit up and where the best sales are located. I can see myself using ShopWise quite a bit over the coming months and will be checking out the deals before I go. I like to save money wherever possible!

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite features of ShopWise. I think you’ll see why I like this app so much!

1. Discover the best deals around you. The Featured Tab shows me all the hottest deals in my local area. Like I mentioned before, the app is intuitive and can tell where you are located. Mine is set for Halifax, NS and I discovered a sale on Xbox 360 250gb Holiday Bundle 2013 at Best Buy Canada for only $249.99. When I click the deal, I can either view it online, click a map to show me where the closest store is and even get the phone number to call and check availability. For this particular deal, I’m given the option to order it online or reserve it in the store on the Best Buy Canada site all without ever leaving the app. 


2. Easy to find a specific product you are looking for. If you have a product in mind already and want to know where you can buy it and how much it will cost, you can go to Find and type the name of the product you’re searching for. Plus you can find deals on that product or search out stores or brands. If you aren’t sure what you want to buy, but know the general category, you can easily browse through a variety of categories like Beauty & Wellness, Computers & Electronics, Home & Garden and more. I thought it was neat to see Restaurants and Groceries on the list of categories too. Mental note: check ShopWise before I go grocery shopping….something I do every week!

3. Locate best offers on an interactive map. If you’re a visual person, you’ll love this feature that shows you a map with flags on the location of the best offers close to you. Click Nearby and you can view it as either a Map or a List. Then when you click on the specific offer, you can drill down to see all the important details. You can also refine your search to show you only the deals in a specific category.


4. Receive Deal Alerts to stay on top of the latest sales. You can set an alert for a specific keyword or pick a category. Note: there’s a limit of 5 alerts. I set up an alert for “iPad” and was shown the closest deals on iPads and iPad accessories to my location.

5. Access flyers from the most popular retail stores. This feature isn’t on the iPhone so I couldn’t try it out, but I learned that it is on the iPad version. There’s dozens of flyers you can browse through. 

6. ShopWise is FREE. Yep, it won’t cost you a thing to download and there’s no hidden in app purchases. What you see is what you get. 

Holiday Shopping with ShopWise

Mom, if you’re reading this post, stop here! I used ShopWise to find the best deals on a few items on my holiday shopping list including a Keurig Brewing System for my mom, an Apple iPad Air for my oldest daughter and an Xbox 360 for John and the girls.

I did a search for Keurig and found a Keurig Mini Plus Brewer for only $59.99 at Walmart. They are normally $99.99 when I’ve seen them in stores before so that’s saving me $40. Sweet! We went to our local Walmart today and I picked up a gorgeous red one for my mom. Now I can cross her off my shopping list.


My oldest daughter, Olivia, has been wanting an iPad Air since they first came out. They are priced at $519 for a 16gb on the Apple Canada website. On ShopWise, I learned I can pick one up for $499.99 at either Best Buy Canada or Future Shop. That saves me $20 which may not seem like much, but it’s $20 more in my pocket and that works for me!



I thought a gaming system for the kids and John would be a fun gift and I found the Xbox 360 250gb Holiday Bundle with Resident Evil on for $249.99 at Future Shop via ShopWise. That’s a $20 savings!


I highly recommend checking out ShopWise before you head out to do your holiday shopping. It’s easy to use, free and it may even save you some money. This is one app I see myself using long after the holiday season ends! 

Download ShopWise on iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry. Connect with ShopWise on Facebook and Twitter . 


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