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Domestic violence is a serious issue and I’m sure many of us have either dealt with it at some point or maybe have a friend or family member who has. I’ve known a few women in my life who have dealt with it first hand and had to seek help to escape and start over. Thankfully, they were able to rebuild their lives thanks to support of family, friends and community. On any given day in Canada, more than 3,000 women (and their 2,500 children) are living in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence.

Today I wanted to share with you an important program called Hosting for Hope whose goal is to support these community programs that help women rebuild their lives after leaving a bad domestic situation as well as helping local women’s shelters. Hosting for Hope is a fundraising partnership between the Canadian Women’s Foundation and HomeSense and Winners.  I was already familiar with both HomeSense and Winners and have shopped there lots for home decor and clothing. The Canadian Women’s Foundation helps women and girls by empowering them to get out of violent situations and poverty and work on rebuilding their lives.

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How Hosting for Hope Works

Since November 1, both Winners and HomeSense are offering a selection of festive holiday merchandise where a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards the Canadian Women’s Foundation. All the items are reasonably priced and under $20. You can help by purchasing one (or more) of these products and know that you’re supporting a worthy cause.


HomeSense & Winners Hosting for Hope Products

I love the wide selection of products and many I could use in my house and also would make great gifts. Plus, you can’t beat the prices!

Hosting for Hope Giveaway

Here’s a rundown of the Hosting for Hope products:

  • Candles in 3 different scents (Red Cinnamon, Vanilla Cream, Winter Wild): $9.99
  • Mug in 2 colours (Red Stripe, Grey Stripe): $5.99
  • Scarf + Mitts in 3 colours (Red Cable Knit, Cream Cable Knit, Gray Cable Knit): $19.99
  • Charity Gift Box Pack: $5.99
  • Puppets (Moose Puppets, Monkey Puppets and includes 2 of each style in a pack of 4): $14.99
  • Checkout Bags in 4 patterns (Dashound, Houndstooth, Nordic, Christmas Building): $1.49
  • Plush Owl: $14.99
  • Mini Xmas Tree: $9.99
  • Set of 4 Spreaders: $7.99
  • Hobnail Votive (set of 3 in red and silver): $6.99

Which one is your favourite? I’m hard pressed to pick a favourite because I want just about everything….for myself! I’d buy a few things as gifts too. The scarf and mitts would be perfect for my daughters and the puppets would be cute for my little niece. If your workplace does a holiday gift exchange and you need a gift under $20, pick up one of these Holiday for Hope products. You’ll be able to cross some items off your shopping list and support a wonderful foundation.


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