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Get the Job Done with Chores Market #HelpwithChores

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My entire house is one huge DIY project. It’s an older home and very outdated. The kitchen was straight from the 1970s and was hideously ugly. A few months after we moved in, John decided we needed to modernize the kitchen. He ripped out walls, flooring, counters, cupboards….basically the whole entire thing. Get this though. We started renovating the kitchen….in September 2009 and it’s still not done! Mind you it’s a big job and isn’t cheap, but we also had to deal with John’s health issues and he was having trouble getting it done himself. We actually just hired a local contractor to come in and finally finish all the ongoing projects including the kitchen. It just took us over 4 years to do that! 


If you’re like me and have these projects that seem to never get done, there’s a site out there to help! Chores Market is online marketplace where you can find skilled, qualified people in your community to help you get those chores done. The people you find to help are ones you can trust and are either people you already know or are friends of a friend. I appreciate that Chores Market guarantees that the tasks will be done quickly, easily and successfully and at a great price. All services are covered by a five-day warranty.

Get the Job Done with Chores Market #HelpwithChores

Think of what’s on your to-do list now. Do you have a leaky faucet that needs to be fixed or a room that you’ve been putting off painting? I looked around Chores Market to see what types of services people were offering and I was impressed with the diverse range! Here’s a few examples of chores people were offering to do:

  • Tutoring
  • Dog Walker
  • Landscaping
  • Plumbing
  • Painter
  • Snow Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning

and lots, lots more!

If you know what you need done, do a search with your zip code and keyword of what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to hire someone that you are connected to and also be able to ask them for a referral. I also like that you can pay with a credit card to Chores Market so there’s a paper trail. The “helping hands” (the workers) are paid directly in their bank accounts by Chores Market. 

There’s so many things I could use a “helping hand”  with in my home and Chores Market looks like the right place to find the perfect person for the job. Sometimes you don’t even know who to ask and I think the convenience of a site like Chores Market is a huge plus. The job doesn’t have to sit there waiting to be completed because you don’t know who to hire to finish it. I have quite a few chores that need to be completed including someone to finish the painting in the bedrooms and bathroom!

Chores Market is a growing community and over 229,000 connections have been made. It’s a great way to finally get those pesky chores off your to-do list or maybe even offer your own services if you have a skill and could help others.

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