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Lipault Petite Travel Tote Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Lipault of Paris is known for designing the highest quality travel bags and luggage. This month they are also dedicated to supporting breast cancer research with the introduction of the Lipault Petite Travel Tote ($125). In fact, 10% of the sales of the Petite Travel Tote will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation which provides critical research for this devastating disease.

Lipault Petite Travel Tote Review

Breast cancer research is topic that is very personal to me and my entire family. Throughout breast cancer awareness month, I have been sharing my personal story. After losing my father and our aunt to cancer in 2012, earlier this year my older sister and I learned that our paternal 1st degree cousin had been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of triple negative breast cancer and was found to be a carrier of the BRCA1 mutation. This means that every female (and male) paternal relative has a 50/50 percent chance of caring this same genetic mutation. At the same time, my sister was waiting for the results of her follow up mammogram which had showed a suspicious mass. I am normally a woman who avoids the doctor thinking that “no news is good news” but once we learned that the BRCA1 mutation is in our family and that if I am affected it puts my children at risk of being carriers I decided I needed to take swift action. I met with my specialist and a genetic counselor who both recommended that I needed to undergo the BRCA1 testing immediately. The implications were terrifying and I found myself shaking uncontrollably as I gave a saliva sample for testing…..there was no turning back. I also had a mammogram which detected numerous cysts and two suspicious areas so I was scheduled to have a secondary diagnostic test to take a closer look. The following days were terrifying yet I felt surreally in control and soon I would know whether or not I am a carrier thus having to make important decisions to maintain my health. During that time, we received the fantastic news that my sister’s mass appeared benign and would need close monitoring with no further intervention at this time. She has chosen at this time to wait for the genetic testing preferring not to know if she is a carrier. When my own phone call came days later with the results, I was overwhelmed with emotions and then I was given the most wonderful news……….I do not carry the family BRCA1 mutation and therefore it is impossible for my children to be afflicted with it! My cysts are worrisome but benign and I will have regular checks at my physician’s office every six months. I shared my story with you because it is my hope that by joining together to support breast cancer research and awareness, we can empower women to take control over their health and support research that will finally unlock the secrets of this devastating disease and ultimately destroy it.

Lipault Petite Travel Tote Review

The Lipault Petite Travel Tote is one way to help support this cause while gaining a fabulous travel bag for your collection. While it is a 15” smaller bag it is huge in terms of storage area. The exterior of the bag has three separate zippered compartments plus a back zippered pocket. I love the interior storage areas which make it very easy to stay organized with a phone pocket and organizer as well as a padded table pocket to keep my Kindle secure.

The Petite Travel Tote includes two carry handle options. I especially like the cushioned strap which makes this bag very comfortable to carry. The bag is very lightweight, soft to the touch and yet durably fashioned from 210-denier nylon twill fabric with self-healing zippers (love this feature). This tote will coordinate with all of the Lipault luggage designs and is available in a show-stopping fuschia hue that really makes a statement for a great cause!

Whenever I pack my Lipault Petite Travel Tote and take it along with me, I feel a sense of pride that a portion of the sales of this bag is supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. While I was spared the BRCA1 mutation, I still have family and close friends who are currently fighting for their lives against breast cancer and continued research is more critical than ever!

You are invited to visit Lipault Paris to purchase the Petite Travel Tote and browse the entire collection of business and laptop bags, soft-side luggage and foldable luggage.

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