Canadians & Their Gumergencies

Have you ever been in a social situation and realized that your breath was really horrid? You try to not breathe directly on people and wish you had a piece of gum to freshen your breath and get rid of your anxiety. I learned this past week that this particular situation has a name: a Gumergency. It’s defined as an awkward social situation where you are in desperate need of gum!

My last Gumergency was about a week ago. I was at my local salon getting an eyebrow wax. I’d brushed my teeth a few hours earlier, but had drank a few cups of coffee in between. All I know is that I was fine when I left my house and then sitting in the chair getting my wax, I realized that my breath was pretty bad. I could tell because I could taste how bad it was. I know…so gross. I tried to breathe through my nose and not speak while the esthetician was directly over my face working on my eyebrows. I thought to myself that I really need to keep some gum in my purse for times like this! They happen to me much too often for my liking!

I learned I’m not the only person who has ever faced a gumergency (either their own or another person’s) after reading the EXCEL Gum survey. The results are pretty interesting and very surprising!

Here’s some fun highlights from the survey!

Why Do Canadians Chew Gum?

The top five reasons Canadians chew gum are as follows:

  1. To freshen breath after a meal
  2. To freshen breath after drinking coffee
  3. To reduce hunger/curb appetite
  4. To get closer to someone
  5. To help stay awake

For myself, I chew gum to freshen breath after eating and drinking coffee. I’ve also chewed gum to get closer to someone like if I’m getting my hair cut or eyebrows waxed.

Where & When Do Canadians Chew Gum?

It doesn’t come as a big shocker that people chew gum when dealing with others. The survey showed that there’s some unusual situations where people chew gum….a few of them surprised me!

  • 62% have chewed gum after a meal
  • 50% have chewed gum while kissing someone
  • 30% have chewed gum in the shower
  • 25% have chewed gum in bed
  • 25% have chewed gum while playing sports
  • 9% have chewed gum on a rollercoaster

Wow! Out of all of these results, I’ve only ever chewed gum after a meal. I’m a boring gum chewer!

Canadian & Their Gumergencies

Types of Gum Chewers

Most Canadians say they are polite gum chewers. I try to be as discreet as possible when chewing gum. I had a friend who used to smack her gum and it drove me nuts! I much prefer the quiet chewers.

  • 70% of Canadians are discreet/low-key chewers (chew with small, subtle, quiet bites)
  • 9% of Canadians are invisible chewers (you’d never even know they have gum in their mouths)
  • 7% of Canadians are chompers (chew with big slow, visible bites)
  • 7% of Canadians are quick chew artists (chew with short, rapid, visible bites)
  • 7% of Canadians are constant bubble blowers (chew loudly and with bubble blowing authority).

Canadian & Their Gumergencies

Bad Breath Intervention

Let’s talk about other people’s bad breath for a second. Do you remember the last time you encountered a person having their own Gumergency?

The results from the survey show:

  • 75% of Canadians have dealt with co-workers with bad breath
  • 51% have been up close and personal with a spouse with bad breath
  • 49% have dealt with a stranger’s bad breath while on public transit
  • 46% have endured bad breath while getting customer service

I work from home now so I don’t have any co-workers. However, John and my daughters have had bad breath. I’ll usually mention it nicely to them and ask them to get some gum or brush their teeth. As for a stranger or even a friend, I probably wouldn’t say anything. I’d be afraid to embarrass them and would feel awkward telling them. I think stranger bad breath is the worst for me since I won’t say anything and will try to get myself out of the situation as fast as I can.

I learned how Canadians handle bad breath situations too.

  • 20% said they would choose an obvious but polite gesture like giving someone a pack of gum
  • 11% would send them an anonymous note
  • 7% would reort them to anonymous bad breath hotline if they could

The anonymous bad breath hotline is interesting. And one actually exists! Canadians can now phone the Gumergency hotline at 1-855-EXCEL-IT and report those awkward bad breath encounters. When you call, you’ll receive tips about how to fight the bad breath issues you are facing. Sounds to me like Excel wants to help people everywhere tackle these Gumergencies!

Canadian & Their Gumergencies

Canadian & Their Gumergencies

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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