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I’ve been working on growing my email subscriber list for years. Out of everything, I would say it’s the hardest thing to grow, but also one of the most valuable things to have. One way to grow your list (and other social media accounts) is through giveaways. From my experience, the better the prize, the better the results. I’ve done thousands of giveaways over the past several years and noticed that bigger ticket items will bring you more entries. The downside though, is that it can get expensive if you are sponsoring the giveaway yourself. Today I wanted to share with you a way you can offer big ticket items at a fraction of the cost. The answer is Incentivibe!

What is Incentivibe?

Incentivibe is a cost sharing program that allows businesses to share the cost of expensive prizes with other businesses while only paying a fraction of what the prize costs. Companies can offer prizes valued at $500 like iPads, Visa Gift Cards, Paypal Cash, Vacation Gift Cards and more at a cost of only $25. Their goal is to give small businesses, marketers and bloggers the ability to offer big prizes without having to pay big bucks. 


How Incentivibe Works

Incentivibe divides the cost of a prize valued at $500 among a group of businesses. Think of them like the organizers of a big group giveaway who take care of the set-up and all the administration that goes with a giveaway. Each business pays only $25 to go towards the prize.

The Incentivibe contest tool can run on your website or Facebook page and will show only your business’s name as the co-sponsor. You will also be able to customize the contest tool to match the colours of your site. 

When someone enters the contest, their data will not be shared with any other business. Incentivibe will only use the data to select a winner. Incentivibe selects one nominee from each of the businesses co-sponsoring.  Then they randomly select a winner from all the nominees and contact the winner via email. They don’t disclose the business name from where the winner was selected to the contestant. Plus, Incentivibe will send an email to all contestants with the name of the person who won the contest. This allows for transparency and so everyone will know who the lucky winner was.

Key Features of Incentivibe

Offer $500 prizes for $25

Like I mentioned earlier, people love to enter giveaways for the high value prizes. Offer your visitors the chance to win prizes valued at $500 like an iPad, $500 Visa Gift Card or $500 Paypal Cash just to name a few. You pick the prize you think would appeal most to your visitors. The best part? It will only cost you $25!

Targeted Leads

With Incentivibe you can target your reader/customer base through the Micro-Insights feature. This allows you to ask your visitors any question you want to enter the contest. You can either create a custom question or use Incentivibe’s bank of insight questions. For instance, you could ask them what topic they are most interested in learning more about and then give them some options to choose from. Incentivibe will show you the aggregate result as well as a list of the emails separated into the answer they selected. This way you can see what your visitors are interested in and it gives you the ability to send targeted emails based on their area of interest.


Types of Leads

You can use the Incentivibe contest tool to collect emails, Facebook likes, tweets, Facebook shares and surveys. What you select will dictate how your visitors enter. For example, if you are looking for email subscribers, the visitor would enter their email to win.


Then you can offer bonus entries to encourage them to share the contest with their friends and family.


End-to-End Contest Services

After the initial setup (which takes about 30 seconds!), your job is done. Incentivibe provides complete support so you don’t have to do anything else. They take care of the legal compliance, winner selection and prize delivery. All you have to do is pick the prize you want to offer your visitors, decide how you want them to enter and copy a code onto your site that will show each visitor your branded contest tool.

Incentivibe also provides full email and phone support. You pay only $25 for each monthly contest. There’s no extra, hidden fees and no contracts to sign. Plus they offer a money back guarantee and you can cancel at anytime.. 

Real-Time Analytics and Easy Integration 

I like that they have real-time analytics so you can check at anytime to see how your contest is performing in real-time. The data from your contests can easily integrated with Mailchip, Aweber, Unbounce, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Bigcommerce Wix, Volusion and more. 


Results to Expect

Incentivibe’s clients can see a growth of 200% to 1200% in their email subscribers and social media fans. The average increase is 700%! That is amazing to me! Check out this post with 8 factors that helped get 700% more email subscribers written by the co-founder of Incentivibe.

Try Incentivibe for Free

Incentivibe has a free 14 day trial that lets try it out for free! No credit is required. If you decide you like it and want to do more, you pay only $25 for each monthly contest. There’s also a tool where you can preview how it will look on your website. Just type in your site address and click on Try It.

I appreciate that Incentivibe is a low cost option for businesses and bloggers to be able to offer amazing prizes without breaking the bank. I think if you are looking to boost your email subscribers, fans or buzz about your site, it’s worth checking out!

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