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Freshen Your Bathroom with Tile

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John and I have been bitten by the renovation bug. We recently completed a huge master bedroom renovation (which I absolutely adore) and moved almost immediately onto our next project: a bathroom renovation. The upstairs bathroom was completely covered in a garish hot pink paint. We knew when we bought the house that it had to eventually be updated. Thankfully that time has come and the work has begun!

Here’s a picture of the starting point. As you can see, it’s very out-of-date!

bathroom reno1

Over the next month, I’ll be sharing with you a few easy ways you can update your bathroom too with the help of The Home Depot. With our bathroom, we completed gutted it and are basically starting over. However, there’s ways you can freshen up your bathroom’s decor without having to start from scratch.

Update Your Bathroom with Tile

The first step for us was to pick the tile we wanted to use in the bathroom. We are tiling the shower interior and then plan to complete the look with a tile floor. There’s so many tiles to choose from that you can really showcase your personality with the type of tile, colour and pattern. For our bathroom, we wanted something that was crisp, clean and would brighten up the room.

Designers often suggest using glass mosaic tiles as a backsplash in the shower to create a European feel. It can really change the whole look and feel of a room. The colour and style of the tile you select will influence all other design decisions you make. I really like the look of this MSI STONE ULC Arctic Ice Glass Mesh-mounted Mosaic Wall Tile and MODAMO Polished Carrara Marble Mosaic. Both are simple, elegant and unique.

With the tile I selected in mind, I knew what colour of shower curtain I wanted and even the style of vanity I thought would match.

Our tub surround is now completely tiled and we have about half of the grout done. It’s getting there!

bathroom reno2

Tile floors also look very sharp. Use large or oversized tiles to make a small bathroom look bigger. We aren’t at that stage just yet, but plan to put that advice into practice since our bathroom is on the small side. The Home Depot also suggests using a natural stone like slate, tumbled marble or Travertine for it’s non-slip properties. Also, it will look gorgeous and really complete the look.

I personally love the look of this MODAMO Ivory Ceramic Mosaic. It’s easy to clean and has a warm feel to it that would look wonderful with the tile I’ve selected for the tub surround.

Updating your shower nook with tile is another great way to revamp old, tired decor and create extra storage space. The Home Depot has a step-by-step tutorial with images showing you exactly how to do it yourself. It gives you a list of the supplies you’ll need and visually demonstrates what you’ll need to do. In 48 hours, you’ll have a completely new look!

The Home Depot has a tile buying guide that will help you decide which tile is best to use for your project. You can also sign up for one of their DIY Workshops. They have a few coming up that are directly related to updating your bathroom with tile:

  • Five Simple Projects to Enhance Your Bathroom
  • Quick Bathroom Updates
  • Install Ceramic Tile

Updating your bathroom is hard work, but it’s also so rewarding. There’s nothing like seeing the project come together. When it’s done you’ll have a beautiful new space to enjoy! I know I’m giddy with excitement thinking about my bathroom finally coming together.

Stacie Vaughan

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