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I do the majority of my shopping via the Internet because I live in a small, rural area with limited access to stores I enjoy. I also believe in saving money and I often can snag a great deal on a product that would cost me a lot more if I were to drive to the city and purchase it at a bricks and mortar store. However, shopping online can be frustrating at times. How many times have you looked for a coupon code via Google and come away with either old, expired coupon codes or ones that just don’t work? In my experience, this happens to me almost always. I don’t have the time though to sit for hours and sift through a search engine to find one that works. I’m a busy woman!

I’m not the only one who is frustrated with coupon sites. The founders of the savings search engine, Chippmunk, also shared our woes of online shopping and created a site that saves people both time and money. Chippmunk is focused on making the shopping experience quick and painless and there’s no major effort on the part of the consumer. They are a site that is focused on the consumer and they want you to be able to find the best deals as quickly as possible.

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How It Works

Chippmunk is a free site to use and will show you the best coupon/deals in the category or store you choose. You can start by searching by department (ie. Halloween, Beauty, Baby & Kids, Home, Gifts etc.) or by store if you have a specific one in mind where you want to shop.  Another cool thing you can do while you are searching is set your budget on how much you want to spend. It will show you the best deals ranked in order that are available to you at that particular budget in mind. Pretty neat right?




Chippmunk has over 550 retail partners and will often have exclusive coupons available only to users on Chippmunk. Just type in the store you want to shop at and you can also set your budget. The results will show you tabs for coupon codes available at that particular store, sales and free shipping offers. Macy’s, for instance, shows you all the important information like coupon codes, but it also gives you information on competitors so you can make sure you are getting the best deal. An informed decision is a good decision.


I love how streamlined and easy the process is. It’s really simple to find what you are looking for and I’m glad that someone finally made a site like this one!

Canada & International Shoppers

FINALLY! I’m so glad to see that Chippmunk has an option for Canadians. We love to save money too and so many big coupon sites forget about us! One of the Chippmunk co-founders is a Canadian living in the USA so they added this special feature to their site. Thank you Chippmunk!


To find the Canada friendly deals, you start by doing a search in one of the 24 categories you want to shop in. Then select your budget and click the drop down list for Delivers To.  There you would select “Canada”. Alternatively, you could also pick Hawaii, Alaska, International, etc. A list of all the deals available to you will pop up. I looked at a bunch of the categories and was impressed by the volume and quality of offers available to Canadians.

Other Features

Besides being able to search out the Canada/International offers, you can also customize your search results even more. You can specify payment type, estimated arrival, and coupon type (ie free shipping, codes). I like the fact that you can search out all the offers that allow you to use Paypal. That is definitely my preferred way to pay for my online purchases.

On the Chippmunk homepage, you’ll also see a visual display of the day’s best coupons and savings from the featured retailers.

Why I Like Chippmunk

First and foremost, I like Chippmunk because it’s straightforward to use, saves me time and money! I also like that it finds the best deals and ranks them in order using their CouponRank algorithm. All deals are verified by humans before they are published so you know they will work.

It’s a site that works not only for people in the USA, but also Canadians like me and people abroad. The love for saving money knows no boundaries.

I also enjoy discovering new stores that I may not have known about if it weren’t for Chippmunk. When you search by category, it will show you a list of the best deals and some of the stores listed were completely new to me. 

Chippmunk is fun! It’s a cool name for an awesome site and I love who they are and what they do.  Read We Are Chippmunk and see what they’re all about. They have exactly the kind of attitude I look for in business and sound like a great group of people.

Next time you have to make a purchase online, let Chippmunk do the research for you to find the best deal possible. With the holidays coming up, let’s all save some money!

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