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Five Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips

I’m the type of person who can’t relax if my house is a mess. Cleanliness and order are top priorities of mine. Over the years, I’ve learned a trick or two to keep my house looking presentable without it taking up my entire day. I mean who wants to spend an entire day doing household chores? Not me! Keeping your home clean and organized (even with kids and a spouse!) is something that can be done easily without taking up too much of your precious time.

5 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips - Time is precious. Don't waste the day cleaning your home. These tips work!

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My cleaning philosophy has always been to clean as I go. It really works, too! You can avoid spending hours on large chores if you do some small simple tasks every day. Here are some cleaning tips that work for me.

5 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips - Time is precious. Don't waste the day cleaning your home. These tips work!

1. Never leave a room empty handed. This tip is pretty basic. Before you leave a room to go to another, have a quick look around to see if there’s anything that is out of place. Then take that item with you when you leave and put it away. Remember the saying, “Everything in its place; A place for everything”? Those are words to live by. You’ll be amazed at how organized your house will stay if you follow that simple quote.

2. Multi-task. Moms are the best multi-taskers! We are pros at juggling multiple issues at the same time. When I’m chatting on the phone, I’ll often sweep my floors or empty out the trashcans around the house. Sometimes, I’ll check out the baseboards and give them a quick wipe if they need it. The person I’m talking to has no idea what I’m doing and I’m able to get a few daily chores out of the way.

3. Tidy before bed. Don’t go to bed with a messy house! After the kids are in bed, it’s much easier to clean up without them running around. You’ll also have everything orderly and ready for the morning chaos. It usually only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to do. Take this time to empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, clean the sink, put away toys and wipe off counters, etc.

4. Keep cleaners in easy reach. I store the cleaners I use most under my kitchen sink. This way, they’re always available when I need them. My children are older so they know not to play with cleaners. Obviously if you’re kids are younger, make sure they are stored in a location kids can’t access.

5. Clean as you go with a multi-functional product. This advice is straightforward. Take care of those messes as they happen. If something spills, wipe it up right away with a multi-purpose product like Windex® Multi-Surface Disinfectant Touch-Up Cleaner. Don’t let it sit! One good example is wiping the inside of your oven after supper. This basic act will save you time when you finally do get a chance to clean your oven. It won’t take you nearly as long to do! Another thing I always do is wipe out the sink after I brush my teeth. It keeps my bathroom sparkly clean.

I swear by these five painless tips and they have changed my life. I love having a clean and organized home! I’m always ready if company pops over unexpectedly. Trust me, I’ve tried the approach of letting things pile up and doing a major cleaning overhaul every week or so. I much prefer to clean as I go! I’m less stressed, happier and always ready for guests.

What is your cleaning philosophy?

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5 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips - Time is precious. Don't waste the day cleaning your home. These tips work!

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