A Sneak Peek + Trailer Debut for Disney’s Frozen #DisneyPlanesPremiere #LittleMermaidEvent

*Disney provided me with hotel accommodations, airfare, and meals to attend this press junket. Images are the property of Disney and are used with permission. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.*

On November 27th, 2013 get ready for Disney’s Frozen, an exciting action/adventure film with Broadway-style songs and unforgettable characters that you’ll fall in love with time and time again. Frozen is a re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. I’ve actually not read the original story, and do not plan to until after I’ve seen Frozen.

A Sneak Peek + Trailer Debut for Disney's Frozen #DisneyPlanesPremiere #LittleMermaidEvent

As part of the Disney press trip I attended at the beginning of August, we were treated to several minutes of select scenes from Frozen. Writer/director Jennifer Lee proudly introduced each scene to us, as well as providing a minimal amount of back story and information about the characters for some context.

The Plot

Elsa (Idina Menzel) is the ruler of her kingdom, beloved by all. But closest to her heart is her younger sister, Anna (Kristen Bell). When Anna tells Elsa she is in love, Elsa reacts negatively to the news and the powers that she has resisted using since her childhood resurface once again. Now her kingdom has turned on her, and Elsa has no other choice but to flee. Alone in the icy mountains, Elsa is free to be who she is and releases her abilities. But as she is on a journey of self-discovery, she has left her people in an eternal winter. Anna, desperate to have her sister back, sets out on a dangerous journey aided by mountain man Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer companion Sven, to save her sister and their entire kingdom.

The Characters

Disney is known for creating memorable and expressive animals, and Frozen is no exception to that. Sven may not be one of Disney’s talking animals, but he is packed full of personality and made the entire theater of bloggers laugh.

Another character that is going to be a scene-stealer in Frozen is Olaf (Josh Gad), a snowman that Elsa’s magic created, who dreams of summer. This, of course, is hilarious because a snowman could not possibly survive in those weather conditions. Still, our audience sympathized with Olaf and hoped that maybe, by magic, he would get to finally experience summer.

A Sneak Peek + Trailer Debut for Disney's Frozen #DisneyPlanesPremiere #LittleMermaidEvent


Elsa by far is the most intriguing character to me. Voiced by Idina Menzel, she is fierce and strong-willed, but has a loving heart and good intentions. The lovely Idina Menzel was the perfect choice to portray this character; I absolutely loved her vocal talent on Wicked and Glee and Elsa’s song “Let it Go” is one I know will be playing on my iPod for years to come.

The Music

Robert Lopez and his wife, Kristen-Anderson Lopez, teamed up for Disney once again to supply the original lyrics and music for Frozen. The songs that we were able to hear and see on the screen were funny (Olaf’s “In the Summer”) and heartfelt (Elsa’s “Let it Go”). If you were lucky enough to attend D23, both songs were revealed there and you may have gotten to see Idina Menzel perform live.

The Trailer

I’m excited to share with you this morning the first look at the official trailer for Frozen. Doesn’t it just give you chills? Mark your calendars for November 27th, 2013 for an unforgettable story filled with sisterhood, romance, humor, and self-discovery.

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