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Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Title: Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia

Author: DK Publishing

About the Book: 

This latest edition in a range of super successful DK encyclopedias for children features hundreds of photographs and computer generated images bringing extinct animals back to life in this visual celebration of early life on Earth. Authoritative yet accessible, the book includes fact boxes, timelines, maps, and diagrams that explore the beginnings of life on Earth, investigates early eras and life forms, and examines the world of the dinosaurs…their homes, food, young, and family lives.

With content that is completely up to date and includes the latest discoveries and interpretations of prehistoric life, this is a comprehensive exploration of dinosaurs during their 180 million plus years of existence.

My Review:

My 8 year old daughter, Bridget, is very interested in learning about dinosaurs. She studied it in school last year and has watched just about every dinosaur movie out there multiple times. I figured she would be interested in reading Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia to expand her growing knowledge about her favourite creatures.

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia is a huge resource with everything and anything dinosaurs. In fact, it even taught me a lot! It goes way past my basic knowledge, but explains the subject in ways that a child would easily understand and find interesting. There’s loads of pictures: illustrated and real photographs of fossils. It actually goes into more than just dinosaurs and shows other animals, insects, fish and reptiles that lived during the dinosaur age. 

The first chapter is about prehistoric life and evolution. It talks about natural selection and how animals evolved into what they are today. They show an example of an elephant and how it changed over 50 million years. I also found it interesting to learn about fossils and the various types that exist.

The next couple chapters are about fish and insects. Then it’s Bridget’s favourite chapter the dinosaurs and birds. They tell you about each dinosaur including where they lived, when they lived, what they ate and more. I learned that there was a dinosaur called the Edmontosaurus which was named after the city, Edmonton in Alberta. Bridget was born in Edmonton so of course, she found that pretty neat that there was a dinosaur named after the city. It’s a plant eater (phew!) and twice as big a fire truck. 

In the mammals chapter, they talk about prehistoric cats. I’m cat crazed so I wanted to learn more about them. Some of them were pretty scary looking like the saber-toothed cat, the Smilodon. I also learned that cats and hyenas share a common ancestor. The first cats lived 35 millions years ago and have evolved into the cats we know today including the domestic house cats, lions and jaguars.

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia is an awesome resources for kids (and adults!). I even learned a thing or too. If your child is thirsting for more info about dinosaurs, this is the book to pick up to satisfy that need.

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