2013 ROYALE Inspire Us Collection

Disclosure: I received product + a gift card as compensation. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Next time you are out shopping make sure to check out the facial tissue aisle for the 2013 ROYALE Inspire Us Collection. These boxes of facial tissue feature breathtaking photography by Canadians who won the ROYALE Inspire Us Photo Challenge! 9,100 Canadians entered this contest and the top photos were selected by the Moment with Royale community via an online vote. Each winner received $1,500 cash and the honour of having their photograph showcased on millions of boxes of facial tissue across the country. What an amazing accomplishment! The cash prize is awesome, but I think having a photo on a product that millions of us use daily is quite an accomplishment. Congrats to the winners!


Photography is one of my hobbies and I’ve been slowly learning and teaching myself how to take better pictures. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve definitely improved a lot since I first started. The winners of the ROYALE Inspire Us Photo Challenge have shared some of their photography tips that I wanted to pass along to you.

  • Mike from Saanichton, BC ~ Orchids to Delight You: Take lots of photos, but only keep and showcase your very best.
  • Donald from Kamloops, BC ~ Fiery Dawn: Capture what you love in your heart and your style will follow.
  • Anton from Victoria, BC ~ Mysterious Blue Poppy: For close-up shots always hold the camera steady or use a tripod to avoid blurred photos.
  • Cindy from Bobcaygeon, ON ~ Rose is a Rose is a Rose: Always take lots of photos as you may get five or 10 great shots out of 100.
  • James from Toronto, ON ~ Sunset Over the Lake: Get to know your camera and always carry it with you as you never know when a great shot is possible.
  • Jessica from Fort McMurray, AB ~ La Vie en Bleu: Learning how to express emotion through your photography and using angles in interesting ways will bring more depth to your photography.
  • Véronique from Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QC ~ Tout Petit: Always carry your camera with you.
  • Carmelle from Lanoraie, QC ~ Étoile de mer et Coeur: Nature has many beautiful and unexpected surprises in store so always keep you camera handy.

After reading these tips, I realize I need to invest in a tripod. It’s always hard to take handheld pictures for close up shots and have them not be blurry.

The ROYALE Inspire Us Collection is only available until October so pick up some boxes while they are still in stores!

2013 ROYALE Inspire Us Collection

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