It’s a Baker’s Dream Come True at the Robin Hood Baking Centre

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Confession: I have never made my own pie crust.  The main reason why is pretty simple: it intimidates me. My mom always made her own pie crusts and they were amazing. I live for her Butterscotch Meringue Pie. She lives in Ontario and I’m in Nova Scotia so it’s not really feasible for her to come over to my house and show me how to make my own crust. However, there’s hope for me! Robin Hood has recently introduced a new site, the Robin Hood Baking Centre, and it is exactly what I need to help me become a better baker. 

It's a Baker's Dream Come True at the Robin Hood Baking Centre is the ultimate online baking resource that will help beginners like me to improve their baking skills and give even the most expert bakers inspiration and tips. I’m a full believer in life-long learning and am always looking for ways I can improve.

Let me take you on a tour of and tell you why I’m so excited about this new site!

Bake Class

Currently in the Bake Class, you can find a video tutorial showing you how to make the perfect flaky pie crust. It’s like this video was created for me because this is the information I absolutely need to know! The video shows the step-by-step process of what you need to do to make the perfect crust. It shows the measured ingredients required, techniques and lots of tips. It’s also perfectly paced so you can easily jot down notes if you need to. They make it look so easy! It makes me wonder why I was ever intimidated by pie crusts before. After watching the video tutorial, I feel like I’m ready to make my own pie. No more store bought crust for me! My parents are coming down in the next month so I’d like to surprise them with some pie made from scratch. Maybe I’ll even try my mom’s recipe for Butterscotch Meringue Pie? 

You’ll also find the tutorial written out if you prefer to print it out or read it vs. watching the video. I like having both the visual demonstration and the recipe in writing so I can print it out to reference when I’m in the kitchen.

It's a Baker's Dream Come True at the Robin Hood Baking Centre


The folks at Robin Hood want you to feel confident in your baking and have shared a variety of tips. There’s the Tip of the Week as well as tips for all kinds of baking including Cakes, Breads & Rolls, Pies & Pastries, Muffins and lots more.  I make cookies from scratch a few times a month so that’s the first section I checked out.  I learned how to make my cookies crispy vs. chewy and why I should cream my butter and sugar. I like that the advice not only tells you what to do, but also explains why it’s important. 

Baking with Kids

My 8 year old daughter, Bridget, is my little helper in the kitchen. Whenever I’m baking, she’s always right there by my side wanting to help. Her favourite things? Adding ingredients and licking the bowl. The latter I don’t always let her do, but she still asks me every time!

It's a Baker's Dream Come True at the Robin Hood Baking Centre

In Baking with Kids, you can find easy recipes that you can make with your child. The recipes are easy to follow and don’t have too many ingredients because let’s face it, baking with kids slows you down and you don’t want to be in the kitchen all day!  

If you look at the individual recipes, you’ll see that they listed the tasks that kids can do while you are baking. Take this Chocolate Raspberry Squares recipe. You’ll see they have a kid-friendly image beside the tasks that kids can perform. 

It's a Baker's Dream Come True at the Robin Hood Baking Centre

You can also set a weekly baking date and receive an email from the site to remind you. It will include a recipe that you can print off and make with your little ones. I think this is something that I will start to do in the fall. 


The recipes is my favourite section of! Warning: you will be hungry after visiting.

One can never have enough recipes and I’ve got the Pinterest account to prove it. Search for recipes by category (ie. Cookies, Gluten Free, Cakes & Cupcakes, etc), by occasion (Back to School, Fall Harvest, Thanksgiving, etc), by product (Original All Purpose flour, Whole Wheat All Purpose flour, Best for Cake & Pastry, etc) or by keyword.

Each recipe shows you a picture of the finished product, ingredients, directions and even the tools you’ll need to make it. I’ve been eyeing this delectable Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I need to make it!

It's a Baker's Dream Come True at the Robin Hood Baking Centre


In Products, you’ll find information about the varieties of flour that Robin Hood sells. In the past, I’ve only used Robin Hood All Purpose flour, but after checking out their other products I’m very interested in trying out their specialty flours. They have a Best for Cake & Pastry Flour that I’d like to buy on my next shopping trip and see how it compares to the regular all purpose flour. 

You’ll also be able to learn how to store each product. I learned that my Robin Hood All Purpose flour has an 18 month shelf life. It also lists substitutions with the types of flours and quantity to use as a replacement.

It's a Baker's Dream Come True at the Robin Hood Baking Centre

Robin Hood Baking Community

There’s also a Baking Centre community where you can chat with other bakers about recipes, tips and get inspiration. It’s free to join! As a member you can also save your favourite recipes in your personal recipe box and be able to rate and comment with your feedback on the Robin Hood recipes. They send out a monthly newsletter full of tips, techniques and recipes.

If you try a recipe on the site, you can share a photo of it in the community and tell others about your experience. 

Whether you are looking to brush up on some baking techniques or want to learn how to bake, is the site to help you accomplish these goals. Now I need to put my new skills to the test and figure out what to bake first…

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