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Oya Bodywear Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

I remember going through a phase when I was about 5 or 6 year old where I would only wear dresses. I just hated the way pants felt and especially disliked the feeling of tucking pants into my boots (it was winter). I gave my mom a lot of grief as she likes to remind me. Apparently I had one pair of tights and that’s all I would wear. My mom even bought me brand new tights and I refused to wear them. I wanted my favourite tights and I didn’t care that they were full of holes and basically garbage. My mom ended up throwing them out and I had a huge temper tantrum. I eventually got over it and it makes me laugh when I think about it now. I guess I was a strange kid! Nowadays, I don’t wear ripped tights, but I still love to wear dresses! And the more stockings I have the better.

I recently discovered the Canadian online retailer, Oya Bodywear. They carry a wide selection of hosiery and shapewear that are fun, trendy, sexy and made for women of all shapes and sizes. In the summer, I don’t usually wear stockings when I wear dresses. However, once Fall comes and the cooler weather hits, I always wear thigh high stockings. They are my stocking of preference. I like them because they are more comfortable for me to wear than traditional pantyhose and make me feel sexy.

Oya Bodywear sent me a couple pairs of their thigh high stockings to try: Leg Avenue Sheer Stockings with Black Opaque Vertical Stripes and Gabriella Calze Thigh Highs.

Oya Bodywear Review

I didn’t currently have any patterned stockings and thought it would be fun to change up my look a little with a pair. I wasn’t sure if they would suit me or not at first, but the Leg Avenue Sheer Stockings with Black Opaque Vertical Stripes ended up being my favourite out of the two! They are fun, flirty and add a little bit of drama to an ordinary black dress.

Oya Bodywear Review

They come in two sizes: One Size (90 -160 lbs) and Queen (150 -180 lbs) and cost $9.99. Vertical stripes are slimming which is a bonus. They were also very comfortable and stayed in place. There’s nothing worse than having to yank up your stockings. These didn’t move and that’s exactly how I wanted them to be!


The Gabriella Calze Thigh Highs have a more classic, refined look. They are a thin, transparent black with a pretty lace double silicone band to keep them in place. The lace is so pretty! John said he liked these ones the best. They come in two sizes: XS/S and M/L and sell for $16.95. My colour is “Nero”, but there’s also a lighter shade called “Sabia”.

Oya Bodywear Review

Black goes with just about everything so I’ll be able to wear them more in the fall.

Oya Bodywear also has free shipping in Canada (Fedex Ground) for orders over $69.95. You also won’t have to worried about getting dinged with duties since it’s a Canadian company! I’ll be shopping there again for more stockings and maybe even some shapewear.

Stacie Vaughan

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