Disney’s Teen Beach Movie DVD Review

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Get ready for the ultimate beach party when the Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie arrives on DVD July 30th, 2013. This song-and-dance musical will be sure to have you tapping your toes and singing along to the catchy tunes–no matter your age!

Disney's Teen Beach Movie DVD Review

Mack (Maia Mitchell) has had the most perfect summer with her boyfriend, Brady (Ross Lynch), but it’s all about to come to an end as Mack prepares to leave her beachside home to plan for her future attending a prestigious school. Mack fails to break the news to Brady before her aunt does, and he is brokenhearted. They have just a few more waves to surf together before they say their final good-bye.

The morning Mack has a flight scheduled, she decides to follow her heart one last time and heads out with her grandfather’s special surfboard. All around Mack the other surfers hesitate because of a storm that’s moving in, but Mack decides to go for it–with Brady trailing after her in case she needs to be saved.

When Mack and Brady come up for air, they find that not only has the storm passed, but they are also in another decade altogether! Brady is thrilled that they are now in the year 1962 and his favorite movie of all time, Wet Side Story, about a turf war that takes place between surfers and bikers over who gets control of the local hangout. Neither the surfers nor the bikers will have the last laugh, because two mad scientists have set out to alter the weather and plan to take over the hangout for their own purposes.

Teen Beach Movie features song-and-dance numbers that reminded me of famous movie musicals Grease and West Side Story, with a touch of Back to the Future mixed in. This is the perfect movie for a younger generation to watch because some of the themes in Grease and West Side Story are still too adult for them. I was really impressed by the advanced choreography of the dances; anyone who has ever been in their own high school’s musical can tell you those dances are hard, but these complicated steps blow them out of the water.

Mack is the type of girl many young teens will be able to relate to: she has her own dreams, but she feels obligated to follow through with what the adults in her life think she should do. She has a good head on her shoulders, and when she challenges the beliefs of the girls in 1962, she begins to learn more about herself.

There are also plenty of comedic moments in the film, such as when Brady and Mack inadvertently get in the way of Wet Side Story’s surfer hero Tanner and biker heroine Lela. Brady has come face to face with the movie character he’s crushed on since he was a young kid, and Mack is learning how to let loose and have some fun for once. It’s up to Brady and Mack to bring Tanner and Lela together, or they might never get back home!

I think Teen Beach Movie is something adults and kids can watch together and both enjoy. My five-year-old wasn’t all that interested in the movie, but once the dancing and singing started, she sat down for a few minutes and couldn’t stop watching the action. She loves dancing and singing herself, so I’m sure as she gets older the movie will appeal to her more and more.

Bonus Features

Rehearsal Footage Watch the young stars practice each of the intense musical numbers, including one song that wasn’t included in the film.

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