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Alone Yet Not Alone

*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Title: Alone Yet Not Alone: Their faith became their freedom

Author: Tracy Leininger Craven

My Review

My family loves historical fiction especially those based on actual events. We were very excited to read the book, Alone Yet Not Alone (SRP $9.99) by Tracy Leininger Craven which introduced us to a story we were not yet familiar with from history. In the fall of 1755, the Leininger family is forging their new lives as they settle into the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. This faith-filled family is enjoying the bounty of the land and celebrating their blessings when their very existence is shattered by the Penn’s Creek Massacre. Two sisters, Barbara and Regina are kidnapped and separated by the Allegheny Native American Warriors and they find an inner strength to survive with the goal of being reunited with each other.

This powerful story is rich in history and introduced my eight year old son to the French and Indian War from the perspective of youth of his age. He loves a good adventure and it is particularly moving because it shows the depth of love between family and these two young sisters who rely on love, faith and determination throughout their ordeal. We have spent many summers in the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania and this book really brings to life the gorgeous natural beauty of the area as I can imagine the events that actually transpired.

Alone Yet Not Alone has been adapted into a movie that will be released in theaters on September 27th, 2013. I highly recommend reading the book before heading to the theater as it sets the stage for this inspirational story. I love that this book includes eight pages of images from the movie in this special movie addition. I plan to take my eldest son to see this movie when it releases as part of our homeschool history class and I will save this book to read with my two younger children when they are old enough to appreciate it.


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