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When you are doing research on a product that you are interested in where do you go first? In the past, I’ve started with Google with mixed success. Normally I’ll have to sift through pages and pages of results to find what I’m looking for. Sometimes I get lucky and stumble on a thoughtful review, but other times I come up empty. More often then not I will get sidetracked and end up reading the blogs or sites I find and forgetting what I was originally searching for. I waste a ton of time! 


Today I want to share with you a gem of a site I was recently introduced to called Yabbly. It’s a community geared towards helping people find the right product to meet their needs. It’s basically about people helping people and sharing of information. 

How It Works

So let’s say you are in the market for a new tablet and are thinking about buying a Google Nexus 7. There’s a few things you aren’t sure of and want to get opinions on if it is a good investment for your needs. On Yabbly, you would post your question and add a tag for the appropriate category which would be “Tech” in this case. 

Yabblers (a.k.a people in the Yabbly community) will see your question and if they can help, will answer you giving their opinions or sharing their experience with that particular product.

What You Can Expect

First of all, you can expect the answers you receive to be honest and unbiased. These are regular people who aren’t paid employees. They have a genuine interest in helping others.

You can also expect thoughtful replies. I was looking through many of the conversations and was impressed with the level of detail the Yabblers went into in their replies. 

Another plus is that the replies you will receive with be personalized recommendations based on the question you asked. These are real people who have tried the product you are asking about so they are in a good position to offer advice. If you were to search on Google or even a blog review, you are most likely reading about how they used the product and their experience with it. The review may not answer the specific questions you have. I know sometimes when I’m googling, I end up having more questions than when I started. I often wished that there was someone I could just ask and be done with it!


Finding Answers

This past weekend, John informed me that the hard drive on his desktop computer is almost full and he asked me to buy him an external hard drive. I said sure and then went to look on Amazon and was overwhelmed with all the different external hard drives out there. There were brands I never heard of before, various sizes and capabilities and I had NO CLUE what I was looking at. I was so lost and didn’t even know where to start!

Then I remember Yabbly and figured why not try ask and see if anyone can help me. I figured the worst that could happen would be that no one would answer right? So I asked my question. Within minutes, I received an email that someone had replied to my query! In fact, I now have multiple replies.


The advice I received was specific and helpful. I asked about brands and they gave me recommendations. They even said what I should look for in terms of size. Another person mentioned an online site that stores photos/documents that I never even considered. I was very happy with my experience on Yabbly so far and now feel like I’m in a better position to make an informed purchase and get the product that will be right for us.

Types of Conversations

You can find conversations about a variety of products on Yabbly. I looked around and found a few that I wanted to share with you. For instance, this yabbler is asking for feedback on the Google Nexus 7 and this one is wondering what type of lawnmower to buy.


If you are thinking about travelling, why not ask on Yabbly for recommendations. This person wanted to know the best Vegas shows to see. John and I were thinking about a cruise and I’d love to get recommendations on cruise lines and which ones to book with and to avoid. I’ve never been on a cruise before so I’ll be needing the help!


Yabbly Karma

Yabbly has a two way karma system which encourages people to help others. When you help someone and they find your answer helpful, you earn karma just like in real life. Say for instance you get a notification that someone who has helped you in the past is now asking a question about a topic you know something about, you’ll be more likely to return the favour and help that person out. Makes sense right?

Perks Program

Yabbly also has a Perks Program where you can win perks by sharing your stories. Visit the Perks section to see what’s available and share your answer on the thread. Who knows maybe you’ll win! It looks like pretty good odds too so make sure you check out that section to see if any of the Perks are right for you.

Join Yabbly

My experience with Yabbly has been phenomenal. I’ve bookmarked this site and also added the free Yabbly app to my iPhone. You can download it in the iTunes store. Yabbly is site that everyone can use for advice on purchasing decisions big or small! If you haven’t joined yet, try it out. I think you’ll find it very helpful!

Yabbly where have you been all my life?!

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