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The Schoolies Review

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My oldest is going into his last year of pre-school this coming fall. Then he’s off to kindergarten. He’s excited for it, and so am I. I love that he loves to learn. Summer vacation has just begun here in NY, but that doesn’t mean that the learning stops, and I’m happy to have had the chance to introduce a fun set of books and flashcards to both of my boys this summer – The Schoolies from Macmillan Kids.

The Schoolies Review

We received the complete set of The Schoolies series for review from Macmillan Kids. The set included:

* Schoolies: My School Day – this book has a clock with moveable hands on the cover which was an instant hit with both my boys! This book takes your child through a typical school day, from waking up and going to school to getting back on the bus to head home. There are great learning prompts throughout the book that get your child involved in the Schoolies day – asking them to count the number of daises they see and asking them to say the alphabet out loud. The illustrations are colorful and playful and it’s a great way to ease a young child into the routine of school life. This book sells for $14.99 on the Macmillan site.

The Schoolies Review

* Schoolies Activity Flash Cards – I love these cards for my 4-year-old. We’ve done flashcards before for letters and numbers, but these double-sided cards come with a wipe-clean pen that lets your child trace letters, numbers, and words. It really adds a more interesting dimension to standard flashcards, making them more fun. At $9.99, these are a great deal and my younger son will be able to enjoy them in a few years too.

* Schoolies Wipe Clean: Let’s Get Ready For School – this book also comes with a wipe-clean pen, which is a big hit with my oldest. In this book, kids trace shapes, letters, numbers, and words. There are also counting activities and lessons about colors and healthy foods. This is a fun book. It sells for $8.99 on the site.

* Schoolies: School House – this is a fold-out-and-play book that really lets your child use their imagination by decorating the scenes with stickers and making characters from the press-out pieces. This set sells for $14.99 and is worth every penny!

The Schoolies Review

* The set also includes two cute little storybooks, Schoolies: Making Friends and Schoolies: My First Day of School. These books teach lessons of being kind and helpful, and reassures young kids about any fears they may have about starting school. Each of these titles sells for $4.99.

The Schoolies Review

I loved reading and playing along with my sons with this set and would recommend it to all parents and grandparents of children who are just starting school. I think they make for great summer bridging books to keep young minds in the learning mode. The complete set is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

The Schoolies series was created by Ellen Crimi-Trent, an artist who always dreamed of writing and illustrating children’s books. You can learn more about Ellen on her website.


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