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Showcase Your Child’s Creativity #SonyVAIO #TryVaioTap20

Bridget, my 8 year old, is a budding artist. She enjoys drawing, painting, coloring and making me homemade gifts all year round. Our fridge proudly displays many of her recent drawings and we have crafts that we’ve made together spread throughout the shelves in our home. When Bridget is busy working on a project, I know it will keep her busy for a couple hours at least. I always try to encourage her to be creative and to explore her imagination.

Now that Sony and Intel have provided our family with a VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One PC, Bridget has another creative outlet. Honestly, I was amazed at how quickly she picked up using many of the games and programs on the PC. She was showing ME how to use them! Family Paint is Bridget’s favorite program on the VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One PC. She has spent hours creating new works of art using the various tools available on the program. 

Family Paint is very kid friendly. Kids can touch the screen to draw or use the mouse. Bridget likes to use her fingers and draws right on the 20 inch IPS LCD Touch Screen. Normally, she’ll sit in our home office at the desk and work that way, but sometimes she brings the touch screen into the living room to work on the couch. This PC is portable and you can work from any angle from 15° on a desktop all the way to 90° on your lap. The built in battery lets Bridget bring it anywhere she wants in the house.


Bridget has used pretty much all the tools available on Family Paint. She’s drawn pictures with the crayons, markers and pencil crayons, added stickers and text and even took pictures of herself with the webcam to add into her drawings.



She’s quite the little artist isn’t she? 


She asked if I would email the pictures to Grandma. I also shared it right from Family Paint to my personal Facebook profile to show my friends and family. In this picture, Bridget says “it’s hard to draw Grandma”. She tried though and that’s what counts!


I’m a big believer in giving kids room to be creative and I think that the process is the most important part of the equation! Even if the finished product doesn’t turn out the way Bridget originally envisioned (like the picture she drew of Grandma), it’s still a learning experience for her and aids in her development. Creativity helps kids express what they are feeling. It’s not always easy for a child to verbalize their thoughts and sometimes drawing a picture is the best way to get the point across.


Plus seeing the joy it brings my daughter makes me happy. I love seeing the smile on her face when she shows me what she’s made. I always tell her that she did a good job and how much I love it. 

Bridget and I made a Summer Journal a few weeks back. It was a fun project that combined technology with creativity. I thought it would be neat to do another project, but this time do something that would showcase her collection of drawings she made using the Family Paint program on the Sony VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One PC.  The idea? An Art Calendar!

We used a different drawing for a 12 month period. You could make it longer or shorter. What’s cool is that we used a pad of cardstock paper so we can keep adding to it as the months pass by. You could use any notebook you had on hand. 

diy art calendar1

Tools & Supplies

  • 12 printouts of your child’s artwork from the Family Paint program on Sony VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One PC
  • 12 calendar printouts for each month
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Pad of Cardstock paper or a scrapbook 
  • Scissors
  • Stickers to decorate (optional)



For the calendar printables, there’s free calendar templates online you can use. I edited them in Word and printed 12 for each month starting in the current month (July).


Step One: Glue the artwork and monthly calendars into your cardstock pad or scrapbook. 


I put the artwork on the top and then the calendar below like you would traditionally see on a calendar.


Step Two: Glue a piece of cardstock to fit your cover of the calendar. I cut an extra strip at the bottom to cover up where they had the hole punch.


calendar6Step Three: Decorate your cover with cutouts of more art from Family Paint. I used an image that Bridget took of herself in Family Paint as well as some text to indicate it was “Bridget’s Calendar”. Add some stickers to decorate if you like.



Step Four: Take any leftover stickers you have and decorate the pages of the calendar. 


Step Five: Use the hole punch to make holes at the top of the calendar so you can easily hang it.



It’s a simple project, but is also a meaningful keepsake for my daughter. We have a calendar hanging in our home office so I’ve replaced the old one with Bridget’s Art Calendar. I love seeing her beautiful work every day! I cherish all of them.

As Bridget gets older, her love for art may or may not change. Either way, I’ll always do my best to encourage her and let her creative soul lead the way.


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