My “Oz-some” Girls’ Night in with Oz the Great and Powerful

*No financial compensation was received, but I was given Oz the Great and Powerful movie merchandise courtesy of Click-Comm in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.*

There is something about L. Frank Baum’s magical land of Oz that brings out the kid in me. Now that Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful has arrived on Blu-ray and DVD, I can escape into one of my favorite fantasy lands anytime I want. I still have so many friends who haven’t seen Oz the Great and Powerful, so I decided to have a viewing party and invite a small group of girl friends over to watch it with me. If you missed seeing it in theaters, it’s been available on Blu-ray/DVD since June 11th.


To start with, I set up a table with some fun movie memorabilia that my friends could take home with them after the movie was over. But I wanted to make them work for it a little, so I also came up with a couple of short games, including trivia and guessing how many green jelly beans were the cup. To make the guessing game even more difficult, the cup was also green. I tried to make my trivia questions fairly simple, because I know not everyone might now the answers are well as I do. My quiz consisted of questions related to the original novel, the 1939 film, and Disney’s 1985 sequel. I also threw in a question or two relating to Oz the Great and Powerful that they might know just from watching commercials or reading about the filming of the movie.



My husband helped me come up with some fun snack ideas for everyone with the theme of green. Since I had no idea how many people were actually going to show up (I invited quite a few, but there were also so many who didn’t RSVP in any way and there were three last minute cancellations), we kept it pretty simple with fried green beans, spinach and artichoke dip with green chips, and my copycat movie theater popcorn. To drink, we had a variation on a green punch recipe I found on a friend’s blog. I wasn’t able to find lime sherbet, so I used rainbow sherbet instead. For the purposes of this party, I called it “Over the Rainbow Punch.”

And just to give some extra time for other potential guests to arrive, a couple of us did a 5-minute facial with–you guessed it–green masks! I had a “beauty” station set up with all of my Oz polishes from the OPI collection in case any of them wanted to try it. No one did during the party, but two of them chose the mini nail lacquer sets as one of their prizes.


We even have a few very special guests in attendance: Finley, Glinda, and China Girl! They didn’t really say much; they were too busy eating all of our popcorn and taking up all of the space on the LoveSac. I’m just glad they could make it; they are my favorite characters from the film.


Overall, I think the party was a success! Even though I didn’t have the turnout I wanted, I was able to spend some quality time with some of my favorite friends and really get to hear what they thought about the movie. Sara is deathly afraid of the flying monkeys, so she had to cover her eyes anytime the flying baboons took over a scene. Calli was surprised by the ending, which she thought was going to mirror the opening scene of the movie (actually, I agree with her on that; I thought it would end “that way” as well. If you’re curious why I’m being so vague, just go see the movie already!).

Oz Prize Pack-2


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