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Hasbro’s Magic Jinn Review

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This summer Hasbro is introducing children and adults to a new fun and interactive game called Magic Jinn. Intended for ages 6 and up, this adorable and funny little creature will attempt to read your mind and guess what animal you are thinking of. The game only requires one player, but we found it fun to play with together as we tested ourselves to see how much we really knew about the animals we chose. The Magic Jinn requires 3 AAA batteries (not included), and then the fun begins!

Hasbro's Magic Jinn Review

My daughter is five, but she had no problem understanding how this simple game worked and required only a bit of our assistance before she became comfortable playing with the Magic Jinn on her own. We found it works best for young children to think of an animal they have either seen in person, interacted with, or know plenty o facts about. Some of the animals we tried were: duck, chicken, monkey, penguin, giraffe, and bee. When I played it on my own, I tried more complicated animals such as a dodo.

To try and figure out which animal you or your child is thinking of, the Magic Jinn will ask questions and you can answer in one of four ways: yes, no, it depends, and I don’t know. The latter option is especially useful for younger children who may be able to answer some of the Magic Jinn’s questions. Examples of questions he might ask are: “Is this animal larger than a microwave?”, “Can it jump?”, “Is this animal friendly?”, and “Does this animal’s name begin with the letter ‘m’?”

Hasbro's Magic Jinn Review

The Magic Jinn even has a sense of humor! Occasionally Zoe would answer the Magic Jinn’s questions incorrectly, and he would make a laugh-inducing guess for the animal, such as the big, bad wolf or a tiny, tiny pink elephant. Sometimes if we took too long to answer the question, he would tell us it wasn’t nap time. Every time we play, the Magic Jinn says something totally unexpected.

Hasbro's Magic Jinn Review

So far in our games, the Magic Jinn has bested us every time! If we want to win, we’re going to have to think of some really challenging animals. Do you have any suggestions that we should try?

You can find out more about Hasbro Game Nights on Facebook and Twitter. The Magic Jinn’s approximate retail price is $19.99; this toy is not currently available on Hasbro’s website, but you can locate the Magic Jinn in a store near you by entering your zip code.


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