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Understanding Depression with Lifescript #lifescript

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I’m no stranger to depression. In fact, it’s been something I’ve struggled with most of my adult life.  I first started feeling depressed after my daughter, Olivia, was born in 1998. I was a young mom, only 20 years old, and had little experience with babies. To top it off, my husband left for Bosnia on a 6 month tour of duty when Olivia was only 4 days old. Add onto that my physical issues, Olivia was almost 10 lbs at birth and I suffered a massive hematoma and was in the hospital for an extra week. When I got home from the hospital, I knew something wasn’t right. I was lethargic and didn’t want to do anything except sleep. My husband ended up having to come home a couple months early from the tour when he saw how bad I was when we talked on the phone. He told me he was going to get me help and he did. 

I improved with the help of medication and slowly I began to enjoy life again and my new daughter.  Fast forward to the end of 2005, when I developed chronic pelvic pain literally overnight. I sought out help from doctors and no one had answers for me. When I did finally see a doctor who knew what was wrong with me, he said I would have to  “learn to live with it.”. I was devastated. In fact, that was the only time that I thought about suicide. The pain was unbearable and no one could help me. I didn’t know how to keep living in physical and mental agony.

Understanding Depression with Lifescript #lifescript

I recognized that I was full flung back into a depression and went on medication again. I still suffer from daily chronic pain although I’ve come a very long way, but that’s a whole other blog post in itself! Depression and chronic pain often go hand in hand which makes sense to me. Your life is in an upheaval as you know it and you need to start living life drastically different from what you are used to.

The absolute worst thing you can say to a person suffering with depression is “snap out of it”. Unfortunately, I had well-meaning family members tell me that on multiple occasions and boy, I wish it were that easy! With the Internet now, we have a plethora of information at our fingertips. I would like to educate those family members on depression in hopes that they might understand the condition better and maybe have a little compassion for what I was dealing with. Depression is real and it is not in your head no matter what anyone tells you.

Understanding Depression with Lifescript #lifescript

I would ask these family members to visit Lifescript’s Depression Health Center. provides medical information, tips and advice that are all written by professional health writers, experts and physicians. I love this site because it’s got everything you need to know about depression from depression basics, depression causes, depression treatments and more. 

I was able to research the medication I’m currently on to treat my depression. I also learned some alternative therapies to treat depression. For instance, I found out that people with depression are more likely to have reduced folate levels. It might be worth me checking into taking some folic acid. 

I know I’m one of those people who likes to learn everything I can about a medical condition I’m facing. I’d much rather check Lifescript vs. googling random sites. At least with Lifescript, the information is credible and all in one place. 

Lifescript’s Depression Health Center features tips, quizzes, recipes and articles – all by professional health writers, experts and physicians – covering postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, how to boost your mood with exercise and more. Please visit the Lifescript Health Center on depression for more information. 

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This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of

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