Lilo & Stitch 2-Movie Collection Blu-ray/DVD Review

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Don’t know what the word “ohana” means? Let Lilo and her best friend, Stitch, teach you all about it with Disney’s Blu-ray 2 movie collection containing Lilo & Stitch and Lilo & Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch, now available as of June 11th, 2013.

Lilo & Stitch 2-Movie Collection Blu-ray/DVD Review

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch (2002) was one of the rare times I did not see an animated feature film in theaters. I don’t remember exactly when or how I saw it for the first time, but I remember not being all that impressed by it. I totally fell for Stitch, though, and eventually bought a big, cuddly plush of him from the Disney Store before it left Salt Lake City for a number of years.

I grew up in the generation of movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King, so the absence of princesses and love stories in the later, more experimental Disney animated feature films probably deterred me. Now that I’m sharing my love of Disney films with my 5-year-old daughter, I want the messages she takes away from these films to be about more than pretty dresses and handsome princes.

Lilo & Stitch has a lot to offer. Set on the beautiful Hawaiian island, Kauai, Nani (Tia Carrerre) is doing her best to make ends meet; she is now the sole provider for her young sister, Lilo (Daveigh Chase), since their parents died in an automobile accident. Lilo is not the easiest child to understand, but Nani’s inability to please a social worker means that Lilo may be taken away from Nani and placed in a foster home. Nani has just three days to convince him that it is best for Lilo to remain with her.

In an effort to help Lilo make a friend, Nani agrees to let her adopt a dog. Enter Stitch, better known as Experiment 626, a friendless alien from outer space who is being hunted by the Galactic Federation for being an abomination. Lilo and Stitch have an instant connection, but the only thing Stitch is programmed to do is destroy things. With no other alternative, Nani has to take both Lilo and Stitch with her as she tries to find a new job. Everywhere they go, something bad happens. Will Lilo and Nani stay a family, or will Stitch ruin everything for them?

If you don’t know what “ohana” means, I’m not telling you; you’ll have to watch Lilo & Stitch to find out! There are strong themes of friends and family, and the movie portrays a realistic family that is trying to find its way after becoming broken. I loved Lilo: she is feisty, energetic, creative, and very loving. She was easy for me to identify with when she got left out by the other kids and made fun of, and had to come up with things on her own to do to make herself happy.

I also loved the science fiction aspect of Lilo & Stitch; the hilarious aspects of it provided some balance to the heavier scenes. I’m not even ashamed to admit I got all weepy during the movie, too. It really is that good!

Lilo & Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch was a direct-to-video 2005 sequel. I loved getting to see how Nani, Stitch, and Lilo were faring in their new family situation. Just like with Lilo & Stitch, there were plenty of laughs, extraterrestrials, and strong family themes.

Lilo is entering a hula competition and feels left out when the other girls in her dance class start talking about their mothers and how they will help them make their costumes. My heart just broke for Lilo, but it lifted when Lilo’s teacher showed her that her mother had won the competition when she was Lilo’s age.

As Lilo begins to practice for the competition, Stitch starts getting the uncontrollable urge to destroy things. Lilo feels she needs him in order to win the competition, neglecting that Stitch may need her more at this moment.

This is another Disney sequel that I really enjoyed because it stayed true to the characters and the themes from the first film.


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