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Kringle Candle Company Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Are you looking for fabulous summer candle scents to update your home décor? Kringle® Candle Company has a wide assortment of fragranced candles and candle accessories. From beautiful pillar candles, apothecary jars, wax potpourri, Daylights, warmers and air fresheners there are lots of great items to choose from at Kringle®.

Kringle Candle Company Review

Kringle® Candle Company is unique in that all of the candles are white so that it will fit in with any décor. White wax is also known to glow brighter and cleaner since there are no artificial dyes to clog the wick.

I love the Kringle® Citrus and Sage 2 Wick Fragrant Crystal Pillar ($24) which is beautifully designed and has the most wonderful scent of fresh, juicy citrus and the earthy herbal scent of sage. I love that this candle has a clean burn and a 55 hour burn time.

The medium Classic Apothecary Jar in Vanilla Lavender ($20) is the perfect candle for summer. It has the floral scent of lavender fields blended with the warmth of vanilla….what a fabulous treat for the senses! The apothecary jar is very nice and this candle has a lovely glow when lit.

Kringle Candle Company Review

I was pleasantly surprised to try the Daylights which put a unique spin on the candle because it is small yet it can burn free standing without needing an accessory glass. Since it includes a cover, these are great to pack in your bag for use when traveling. Daylights have a 12 hour burn time which is amazing considering that these candles are a smaller size and I was very impressed with how much light it was able to emit when in use. The fragrances are wonderful with a few of my personal favorites including the warm and spicy Soothing Cinnamon, delicious bursting Raspberry Jam, fresh Lemon Rind and Rosemary which is hard to distinguish from the Rosemary bush that I have growing in my garden.

I love to use potpourri warmers so I was thrilled to set up the Kringle Mesh Potpourri Warmer (available in chrome or black for $19.95). This is such an elegant potpourri warmer and it looks great in any area of the home. There are a variety of Wax Potpourri Melt ($3 each) scents to choose from and my family has really enjoyed the aroma of Cozy Cabin, Mango and Royal Cherries. It works by placing a Wax Potpourri Melt in the top bowl and an unscented tea light in the base of the warmer. By lighting the tea light, this will melt the wax and the room will have the most wonderful aroma! If you like to be adventurous you can break these into smaller pieces and combine fragrances to create your own custom scent.

Kringle Candle Company Review

In addition to these candles, you can also a variety of accessories such as Air Fresheners ($2.99) for the car which would all make great gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated by the lucky recipient. Don’t forget to pick up a few extra because I am sure that you are going to want to have Kringle Candles in your home too!

You are invited to visit Kringle Candle Company to browse the entire selection and purchase your favorites online.

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