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Organize & Manage Emails with Incredimail for iPad

*I received an iPad to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences.*

Most people I know have more than one email. I have a few that I need to check on a regular basis. I’ve got my main gmail account for my blog that I use most often. Then there’s my Hotmail, Yahoo and other Gmails. That’s not even considering the social networking  sites where I receive messages. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn- oy! There’s so many accounts to check into and who really has time for that? It’s no wonder the emails start to pile up and go unanswered. 

Organize & Manage Emails with Incredimail for iPad

Meet Incredimail: a free app for the iPad that takes your inbox to a whole new level of control. Instead of logging into various apps to check your email accounts, you can browse all your emails within the Incredimail app. You’ll be able to quickly see all your emails and this way, you never miss out on anything important. Now there’s really no excuse for me to forget to look at my Yahoo accounts. On a side note, I was only checking my Yahoo account about once a week and I missed an important email from my hosting company that they were upgrading my server. When my site went down, I called them to ask what was going on, they said we sent you an email. Facepalm! I didn’t check it so I felt stupid!

Using Incredimail to manage my emails has many advantages. The first one is that it’s very convenient and simple to use. You only need to input your login information once when you set up the app. Each time you open it, all your current emails and any new ones that came in will show. 


You can also quickly preview you the emails in your inbox without actually opening them.You’ll see a snippet of the email text and any visual elements included. That way you can prioritize whether you need to open and answer now or if it can wait till later. Or you’ll just want to delete it entirely without every opening it!

For links within emails, you can open those without ever leaving Incredimail. You don’t need to toggle back and forth between the email app and the Internet. That seems simple, but it really does save time in the long run.

I love being able to add photos right from the app too. I don’t have to go to my camera roll to find them. I just click the little camera button, add my photo, choose my size and send. 

When you write an email, you can decide which account to send it from by just a quick tap on a drop down list. There’s also an option to personalize your stationery.


The only thing I’m currently waiting for them to add is Hotmail. I have an active Hotmail account, but can’t check it yet with the app. The app developers are working on adding it in though. You can check the other major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other IMAP accounts.

 Then there’s the Photo Inbox! Incredimail is integrated with Facebook so you can see the latest photos posted by your friends and family. It also shows the photos posted by pages you like. Since I’m a huge cat fan, you can see my feed is full of cat pics (love me some Grumpy Cat!).

Organize & Manage Emails with Incredimail for iPad

Incredimail has been very helpful in many regards. It saves me time, keeps me organized and keeps me up to date on everything that is happening. There’s no excuse for me missing an email (unless you are sending it to my Hotmail since that’s not available yet on Incredimail). Best of all, Incredimail is FREE! If you have an iPad, go and download this app at the iTunes store! It will change the way you check your email…for the better!

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