CableMover Make Our Move Giveaway

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I’m no stranger to moving. Being a military wife, we’ve lived in multiple locations and moving every couple years has become almost second nature to me. I’m used to it I guess. However, I know first hand how stressful it is! There’s so much to prepare for both at your old and new locations. I normally make a To-Do list to help remind me of things I have to get done. For instance, you need to set up your phone, cable and Internet at your new home. Normally, that involves calling each individual company, inquiring about plans and booking appointments for them to come and set up your services. For my US friends, there’s now an easier way you can knock all three of those tasks off your To-Do list.

Meet CableMover. It’s a free site where you can quickly get your Internet, TV and phone services connected at your new residence plus learn valuable moving tips to help you have the smoothest move possible! CableMover helps save you time searching various providers available in your new area. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for the set up of all your telecommunications and entertainment needs.

CableMover Make Our Move Giveaway

Simply visit CableMover and input your new location and you will see the offers available to you and you can get everything booked to be set up as soon as you arrive. I wish they a site like CableMover had been around when I did my last move. It would have saved me some stress and I would have spent less time googling services available in our new town.

Stacie Vaughan

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