Atlantis: The Lost Empire 3-Disc Combo Pack Blu-ray Review

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On June 11th, 2013 get ready to go on an epic journey with the scholarly, mild-mannered Milo in Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire as it comes out in a 3-disc Bluray/DVD combo pack for the first time. I had only seen this movie one time (most likely when it was first in theaters) so I was especially excited to see it again.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire 3-Disc Combo Pack Blu-ray Review

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Ever since he was a young boy, Milo has dreamed of discovering the location of Atlantis. Having finally translated his Atlantean artifacts, Milo believes he will find what he is looking for somewhere near Iceland. Just as he is getting ready to present his proposal to his colleagues, they laugh it off and do what they can to screw up his presentation.

Luckily for Milo, a wealthy friend of his grandfather offers Milo all of the resources and man power he needs to go on his expedition. Milo’s coordinates prove accurate, and he and his team discover more than they had bargained for. The people of Atlantis are still alive and well, but their culture is dying. With Milo’s help, Atlantis can thrive once again, if Milo can figure out who is trustworthy and who wants to use Atlantis for their own gain.

I did not remember Atlantis: The Lost Empire very well at all, so it was like watching it for the first time. The animation style is very different than most of the animated Disney films; I remember being slightly disappointed in it all those years ago, but watching it again years later gave me a new appreciation for it. I was reminded a lot of Titan A.E., which isn’t a Disney film, but is another animated movie I liked quite a bit. The animation style somewhat looks like comic book art, with more exaggerated, sharp lines. The story is also more adult than previous and more recent stories, so I think adults will get more out of it than kids. Lastly, I have always loved Atlantis, so it was great fun seeing the ancient civilization brought to life. I’ll definitely be watching this movie again the next time I want to see an epic story with a powerful soundtrack. The music was fantastic, and the story is one that would be amazing with live action as well.

Atlantis: Milo’s Return

I was unaware there was a sequel to 2001’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and I am glad it was included in this blu-ray release. The back of the blu-ray box didn’t give me any kind of indication as to what the story line would be. Atlantis: Milo’s Return continues the adventures of Milo, Kida, Sweet, Mole, and the rest of the surviving characters from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The story line is rather disjointed; three separate adventures occur, and from what I’ve learned Disney was intending to develop a TV show surrounding these characters. Each of the different themed sections was about 20 or so minutes long, and would make perfect sense as three different episodes. The TV show never happened, so they were combined together to appear as a movie sequel.

Most of the voice actors from the first film reprised their roles, but Michael J. Fox’s Milo was voiced by someone else. I’m very good at recognizing voices, so I couldn’t help being slightly disappointed. I think if the TV show had taken off, it would have been pretty fun, but the characters acted a bit goofier than in the original film. For my tastes, I’ll just stick to the 2001 film.

Bonus Features

Audio Commentary Learn fun details about the making of the movie by turning on the audio commentary with Don Hahn, Gary Trousdale, and Kirk Wise.

The Making of Atlantis Directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise talk about how they brought the team who worked on Hunchback of Notre Dame back together again on a new project. Their love of live action films like Star Wars inspired them to make a film that would push Disney in a new direction with a widescreen animated adventure film (reminiscent of the Disney live action films from the 1950s like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).

How to Speak Atlantean A video tutorial by Marc Okrand. Learn to say a few simple words, as well as some longer phrases.

Disneypedia-Atlantis: Fact or Fiction? A brief history lesson about the theories of Atlantis and the sources we have turned to in order to learn more about it.

Publicity See three trailers that were aired to promote the film.

Deleted Scenes Watch four deleted scenes that did not make the final cut for the film. Not all scenes are fully animated; some are shown in storyboard format with dialogue.


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