A Good Day to Die Hard Blu-ray

A Good Day to Die Hard Blu-ray + DVD Review Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Title: A Good Day to Die Hard (Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy)

About the Movie:

Bruce Willis is back in action- mind-blowing, heart-stopping, rip-roaring action- as John McClane, the heroic New York cop with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. John’s latest predicament takes him all the way to Russia to track down his estranged son, Jack (Jai Courtney), who has been imprisoned in Moscow. But the mission takes a deadly turn as father and son must join forces to thwart a nuclear weapons heist that could trigger World War III.

Bonus Features:

  • A Good Day to Die Hard in High Definition: Theatrical and Unrated Extended Cut
  • Making It Hard to Die
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Two of a Kind
  • Back in Action
  • The New Face of Evil
  • Anatomy of a Car Chase
  • Maximum McClane
  • Commentary (Extended Cut Only) by Director John Moore and First Assistant Director Mark Cotone
  • Still Galleries & More

My Review:

When John and I first met, we were discussing movies we liked. He mentioned he was a huge fan of the Die Hard series of movies. I’ve also watched them and enjoyed them so we had that in common. My favourite one is the first one, but this is a series where the sequels are actually good!

When I showed John A Good Day to Die Hard Blu-ray + DVD combo pack, he said we had to watch it that very evening. I was curious to see how it would compare to the others.

John McClane is one of the all-time greatest action heroes in my opinion. He’s smart, quick-thinking and so darn funny. I think it’s his humour I appreciate the most. It also helps that he is nice to look at even 20+ years later! A Good Day to Die Hard showcased all these great qualities. I laughed especially at the part where he found out what his son was up to Moscow. He said something to the effect of, “That’s good then. Your mother and I thought you were on drugs!”. Typical John McClane humour. I know John appreciated it too because he was laughing out loud during many scenes.  Yippee-ki-yay.

Be prepared for a lot of action! There’s car chases, guns, hostage taking, jumping out of buildings and more. The car chases were pretty intense and quite elaborate. I was sitting on the edge of my seat when John was chasing his son down and his son was being chased by the bad guys.

Looking for a Father’s day gift? A Good Day to Die Hard is an excellent choice if dad is an action flick fan. John thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I liked it too, though action movies aren’t my genre of choice. However, I love Bruce Willis and would never pass up the opportunity to watch one of his movies.

A Good Day to Die Hard Blu-ray + DVD Review

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