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What is #Smallenfreuden?

You may have been hearing the word Smallenfreuden buzzing around on social media and wondering what the heck it means. Last week it was trending on Twitter and people were speculating about what it was. If you don’t know yet, let me give you the details! 

What is Smallenfreuden?

Coined by Visa, Smallenfreuden basically means putting your smaller, everyday purchases on your Visa credit card. Smallenfreunden-ing allows you to get the benefits of using your Visa card like convenience, rewards, organization and security without having to spend more! At first glance, I thought it was German, but later learned it’s completely made up. It also sounds good to say out loud- try it!

What is #Smallenfreuden?

Check out this video that gives more info about Smallenfreuden:

Are You the Right Fit for Smallenfreuden?

The Smallenfreuden lifestyle will not be for everyone. First of all, you must have a Visa credit card. The second criteria is that you are the type of person who pays off their Visa credit card balance every month.

My Smallenfreuden Challenge

Currently, I’m mainly using my Visa credit card to pay for all my monthly costs to run my blog. This includes hosting, email newsletter providers, and other smaller costs. I earn a good chunk of rewards just by doing that!

My challenge is to use solely my Visa credit card for my next 100 smaller purchases that are under $100. You can check in to see how I’m doing by following along on Twitter with the hashtag #smallenfreuden. I’ll be sharing my experience about how I made out smallenfreudin-ing in a future blog post. 

I mainly pay now with my debit card and rarely use cash anyways. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Smallenfreuden lifestyle suits me. I’ve got friends who have been Smallenfreuden-ing for years….long before it ever had this quirky name and they raved about the benefits. We’ll see how it goes for me! To be continued….

Do you Smallenfreuden? The Patterson’s in this video do!

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Visa #smallenfreuden Ultimate NHL Experience

As an official partner, payment association and credit card of the NHL and NHLPA in Canada, Visa Canada is challenging Canadians to seeing how the small plays can add up to big rewards! They are giving one lucky person a trip for 4 to attend two amazing events: The 2014 NHL® Winter Classic and one game of the 2014 Stanley Cup® Final! This fabulous prize includes airfare, accomodations, tickets to the games and of course, Prepaid Visa cards for spending money. As Canadians we love our hockey so this would be a once in a lifetime type of prize to win! 

To enter…smallenfreuden! Yep, it’s easy. Use your Visa credit card for your purchases under $100 and you’ll automatically be entered to win. You’ll earn entries for each time you smallenfreuden.  Check out Visa Canada on Facebook for more details about the contest.

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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