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It’s hard to believe that the school year will be coming to a close next month. It’s time to start vacation planning if you haven’t already! We normally go away at least once a year. We haven’t decided yet what to do this year. There’s a few ideas we are considering. We are just waiting on word for John’s summer leave and then can start finalizing the details.


One idea that I have been tossing around in my head for the last month has been a vacation rental property. I was recently introduced to the new Canadian travel site, Wantizen that features vacation rental properties! I hadn’t really even considered vacation rental properties before. I think part of the reason was that I never knew where to even start! With a site like Wanitzen, I have access to over 30,000 properties around the world and the number grows by the day. I’m definitely considering one. We’ve only stayed in hotels so it will be a completely new experience for us.


Wanitizen is completely free to use and helps you find the best deals possible. It’s actually quite simple to use. Let me take you through the process.

1. Pick your wants.  Enter the location where you want to visit, dates, how many bedrooms, guests, and your budget. There’s also a list of amenities you can check off with items that are important for you like free Internet, Air Conditioning, Onsite Laundry, etc. I did a search for properties in Florida (though you can get specific and search by city if you like). 


2. View your matches. Then you will see a list of properties that fit your criteria. For instance, I found 11 properties that fit mine. I can see the location, price  per week and a description of the property. It also shows me the amenities and how many guests it accommodates, number of bedrooms and bed type. If you find the perfect vacation spot, you can click Book Now to secure your reservation immediately.


3. Offer Me a Deal. Alternatively, you can click on Offer Me a Deal and the property owners will actually bid for your business! Wantizen will reach out to the propety owners to see if they want to better their rate. They’ll offer you their best price and when you find one you like, just click on Select Bid to get the ball rolling. You’ll then receive an email with the property owners contact info to set it all up. There is never an obligation to buy and the property owners won’t have your contact info until you reach out to them first.


4. Contact & Confirm. When you find the perfect deal, it’s important to get in touch with the property owner right away to secure your spot. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your dream vacation rental.

5. Relax and Get Ready for Your Vacation. Share with your friends the great deal you found on Wantizen!

Besides having access to a huge selection of vacation properties, I think my favourite thing about Wantizen is the fact that they act as a third party negotiating the best possible deal for you. Many people (including myself) are uncomfortable haggling and I wouldn’t like to have to contact the property owner myself and try to get them to give me a better rate. Wantizen does all that work for you!

Like I mentioned before, this is a FREE service provided by Wantizen. There’s never an obligation to purchase.  They are simply put, a vacation rental matchmaker with the goal of helping your dream vacation rental property at the best possible price!


Win $500 Off Your Vacation Property Rental

Right now, when you register Wantizen, you will be entered to win $500 off your first rental. What have you got to lose? It’s free right so sign up today to be entered to win!

If you love to travel, I encourage you to connect with Wantizen on Facebook.

Stacie Vaughan

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