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The Love ShackTitle: The Love Shack (Beach House No. 9)

Author: Christie Ridgway

My Review:

The Love Shack is the final book in the Beach House No. 9 Series. I can easily say that it was my favorite of the three books. I think part of that might be from the eagerness I felt to finally figure out what was up with Skye and Gage, who had both obviously been keeping secrets throughout all the books. Thankfully, those secrets were revealed. They were close to what I had been anticipating, with slight differences that made them interesting.

All three books had a main love story along with a side love story. In this case it was the story of Teague and Polly. I think one of the things I loved about this book, as opposed to the previous two, was that Teague and Gage felt less angry than the other leading men. They all have their issues, usually related to some type of PTSD, but Gage and Teague compartmentalized a bit better and it was more like they were reaching out to the women, rescuing them, as opposed to the women rescuing the men. I liked that change of pace.

I loved that the book included an epilogue that kind of wrapped up all three books. I really enjoy when things come full circle and you can feel a sense of closure after being invested in the characters for so long. I do have one complaint, and this is a spoiler alert. It really bugged me that at the end of each book, the couples were all engaged. That’s five new couples in a three month period of time, one of which even got married in the third book. I’m all for a great love story, and one or two would have set my heart fluttering, but all five was just a little overkill to me. It just didn’t seem realistic to me that these men, who were anti-commitment, would not only settle down with a permanent girlfriend but also ask her to marry them with just a few weeks of a physical relationship. Does that make me less of a woman for feeling that way?

That aside, these are really some great love stories with some very dynamic characters. It’s definitely worth the emotional investment to read them.

*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*


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