Book Review | The Girl’s Book of Adventure


  1. My girls would love this! With their birthday coming up, I am definitely going to look for this!

  2. Awe now here is a unique kind of book, that’s fun for younger girls. Very cute and different. Great review !

  3. What a fun book & great for my grand daughters when they visit me!


  4. This is so fantastic, particuarly because I’ve seen so many books like this but for boys, not girls. I would have LOVED this when I was young. It will be a perfect gift for my 11 year-old niece.

  5. This looks like a fun book I could give to my niece.

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman Reply

    This book sounds wonderful not just for younger girls, but for some older ones too.

  7. Cute. Sounds like a great book for “tweens” but with some info everyone would find interesting. Definitely worth checking out. That sarong info would be nice for me.

  8. Stephanie LaPlante Reply

    My cousin would totally adore this. She’s 10.

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