Book Review | The Devil’s Triangle

The Devil's TriangleTitle: The Devil’s Triangle

Author: Toni De Palma

My Review:

I finished The Devil’s Triangle, and I’m not yet sure how to feel about it. It started off so strong. I was extremely intrigued with Cooper and his judgment in front of Lucy, Saint Pete, and an unknown male figure. The whole idea that they were letting him go back to a new life for a month to try and redeem himself by finding Grace was interesting and original. I even really liked reading about the first bit into this new life. The reveal of the details were well written and kept me engaged. But then he met Grace and I felt like it went down hill from there.

Actually, it wasn’t meeting Grace that caused it to spiral down for me. I actually really liked Grace and reading about Cooper chipping away at her indifferent exterior. But then the wall came completely down and we find out this huge secret about who she really is. And man, I didn’t like it at all. And this is where I go into spoiler mode.

It turns out that Grace and Cooper used to be an item. Then Lucifer, or the devil as so many people know him, decided that he wanted Grace for himself so he split Cooper into two people, sending the ‘new’ Cooper into the life that killed him to begin with. Did I lose you? It’s a lot less complicated when written out in a chapter in a book, but that is what it boils down to. The reason this bugged me was there was no indication as to why Lucifer would choose Grace. There was nothing special about her. She was a typical teenage girl. So why her? At one point near the end Cooper finally asks himself that question and I was hoping that there would be an answer, but no. He just gets killed again. It just didn’t seem realistic that Lucifer, the devil himself, would choose her over any other girl in the world. There just needs to be something fantastic about her to help justify it to me. It’s the whole basis of the story and has nothing to back it up. Not to mention the idea that he’d be judged on the life that wasn’t really him. How is that right? It just kind of ruined it for me, but I suppose young adults wouldn’t be as particular about it.

On the plus side, the POV is from a male character which is great. There really aren’t many YA books like that. The high school setting is very believable with accurate drama and tension between the characters. And the set up for the next book is decent. I’m hoping that the next one will explain more about why Lucifer chose these two to screw with. It’s the only way I’ll find the second book tolerable.

*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this novel.*



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