Misura School’s Out Giveaway

Another school year is almost behind us! My girls finish up in June and then it’s time for summer vacation. Even with the close of the school year, I still need to find snacks my girls will eat. My youngest daughter has a large appetite and loves to try new things. She’s my little helper in the kitchen.

It can be difficult to find snacks that appeal to both my girls. Of course, they love the cookie aisle at the grocery store, but lots of the products there are not the healthiest. One brand I’m interested in trying out is Misura. They make cookies & crackers that are healthier than the regular cookies and crackers we most often buy. They contains lots of fibre and no added sugar and are perfect for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Plus, they are made in Italy! My interest is piqued!

Misura School's Out Giveaway

Here’s some info about Misura products!

Misura No Sugar Added Oat biscuits: This delicious low-fat yogurt shortbread helps kick-start your day or can boost your energy in the afternoon — without feeling tired later.

Misura No Sugar Added Cocoa biscuits: Sweet and crispy, this low-fat shortbread contains hazelnuts, malt, and light cocoa. It is the ideal biscuit if you’re craving something sweet and still want to be mindful of your waistline.

Misura No Sugar Added Petit biscuits: Thin and crunchy, this biscuit contains oat, wheat and malt flour. It is a great addition to a light breakfast or midday snack for kids.

Misura Whole Wheat Toast: Tasty and crispy, this whole wheat toast contains 10 g of fiber per 100 g serving. It pairs perfectly with your favourite spread, and makes a great bread replacement any time of day.

Misura Six Cereal biscuits: This biscuit contains the characteristic taste of cereal with 6.2% fiber per 100 g serving. It can be dipped in milk and used as part of a balanced breakfast, or taken on the go.

Misura No Sugar Added Pomegranate biscuits: This biscuit strikes the right balance between sweet and crunchy. Infused with pomegranate, it is a great “better for you snack” for kids and adults alike.

Plus they also have pasta! Which product would you like to try? I think the Misura No Sugar Added Pomegranate biscuits sound really yummy! Have you tried any Misura products?

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