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Yomega Yo-Yo & Game Review

Does your child need a reason to step away from the apps and video games? I have found a creative new toy line that is sure to have children excited about actually playing again… iPad, computer or game player required.

Yomega has elevated the classic yo-yo with the Brain yo-yo and Power Brain XP yo-yo toys.

What makes the Yomega Brain™ yo-yo (SRP $10.95) so “smart” is that it was designed for children ages 8 and up who are playing with a yo-yo for the first time. I love that it has an auto-return feature so that the yo-yo returns back to the player’s hand time and time again while they are learning important game play skills. It is available in three vibrant colors and my kids found this addictively fun to play with for over an hour of practice. This popular model yo-yo is the perfect first yo-yo for children to play with and develop a life-long love for the yo-yo.

Yomega Yo-Yo & Game Review

The Yomega Power Brain XP (SRP $15) also has the auto-return feature which can be shut off for when the child or adult has learned how to yo-yo and wants to practice tricks. My son who is soon to turn eight years old was initially frustrated when he turned off the auto feature but after a few hours of practice he was beaming with pride when he could yo-yo by himself.

Yomega Yo-Yo & Game Review

Would you like to see some really neat yo-yo tricks performed by a Pro? Check out the neat videos at the Yomega website.

We all enjoy playing with the Yomega’s version of a Japanese toss and catch ball game called Kendama (SRP $10). The game has a tethered ball attached to a hammer-life handle which has cupped surfaces. The object of the game is to catch the ball on each of the cupped surfaces. Sounds easy? It took me quite a while to catch the ball but when I did I leaped up and down with excitement while my children begged to take a turn themselves. This is one fun game that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

My children and I have had so much fun playing with the exciting yo-yo’s and games from Yomega. These are great for developing hand-eye coordination skills and concentration. I plan to pack these along with our upcoming summer vacation at a cabin in the woods. It is portable, small in size so easy to pack in our bag and is sure to provide our kids with lots of fun….I will have to try and sneak away to play with Kendama myself!

You are invited to visit the Yomega website to browse all of the fun toys and games and shop for your favorites.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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