The Bible Blu-ray Review


  1. Wow sounds powerful. I am not a very religis person but I do believe in god as well and went to church and Sunday school growing up. I am not into gory movies with bloodshed and fighting. However, I think i would cover my eyes like you did, because this seems like it would be worth watching. Thanks for the review

  2. I did not watch this when it was on but now my interest is up on seeing it

  3. Stephanie LaPlante Reply

    I missed this on TV and wanted to see it so bad. I’ll see it somehow.

  4. What a fantastic DVD! I never really paid attention to the bible stories when I was a kid, and after visiting Israel a few years know that I need to know them better. This would be an easy and entertaining way to do it!

  5. Have been wanting to see this so bad. Everyone has been talking about how good it is.

  6. I saw this on History during it’s original broadcast. I was quite intrigued with the approach they took, portraying the major biblical characters as regular people, rather than larger-than-life figures.

  7. Absolutely loved what History Channel did with this! I watched every night when it came on. I am considering buying the movie because I know a few relatives who had missed it on tv. They managed to capture a lot of passion, and truth and made the Bible interesting. Personally I find it interesting no matter what! However , my boyfriend can not stand to read anything from the Bible despite being brought up Catholic like myself. *Shake my Head* To each his own. HOWEVER loved the series. He would be like whens the next episode. I guess he might just not be a huge reader.

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