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Reader Reviews of Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor + Winner Announcement

The winners’ reviews are in! Last month I selected 50 winners for the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor Giveaway. Each received a razor to test out and give their feedback on. Those people who sent me their reviews were entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Out of 50 winners, 38 of them sent me their reviews and names thrown into the hat for the Visa Gift Card! Who will be the lucky winner?

Reader Reviews of Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor

But first, check out their reviews of the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor

1. Lisa M: Wow what a razor it is. It is so nourishing it doesn’t even feel like I am shaving. I love that it is one step – no need to lather up as the nourishing bar does it for you. It is bigger than expected which makes it a little tricky around the ankles. I would definitely buy it for myself.

2. Anya J: Oh my word! This was easily my best -and simplest- shave ever! At first, especially when I saw how big the package was, I wasn’t sure what to expect!  The Schick razor I currently use -the blue hydro silk one- came in a nice little package like half that size. Anyways, as I opened it, my anticipation definitely increased – I’ve never used a razor that smelled quite so good! Anyways, I kinda took a second look at the almond & coconut oil soap-like bar at the end of the razor – I’ve never seen that before!- but as I ran the blade up and down my legs, I knew that I was in razor heaven! Minus the weird tingly-feeling after, it was basically the perfect shave! It was super smooth and so, so easy to do! Just a smooth little gliding motion – up and down and up and down- perfect! Thanks for letting me try one! It was wonderful! 

3. Jen W: When I first seen/heard about this razor, I was slightly put off by it’s unattractive ginormous size. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing sexy about it, but don’t be fooled!! This razor is seriously theee best invention EVER! Even though the handle wouldn’t have been my first choice prior to trying it out, I actually like the shape and size of it now. It has a nice grip and is very easy to handle as the four blades and pivoting head follow each contour for a super close shave. It completes 3 things in one easy swoop (lathers, shaves and moisturizes)It leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and lightly scented. And just when you think it can’t possibly get any better, it also comes with a super easy to hang holder for your razor. Let me tell you…one single use of this razor and you will be completely HOOKED! I wasn’t exaggerating when i said “best invention EVER!” Byebye messy rusted can of shaving cream taking up precious space in my shower.

4. Shana L: The first thing that I noticed when I received this razor was the shape. It was much larger than my old razor and as soon as I picked it up I loved how comfortable it was in my hand. I was very easy to keep your grip! I loved the attachment to hold it on the shower wall. It was very convenient and kept the razor safely away from my young daughter. The razor itself worked amazing! I LOVED the convenience of not having to use separate shaving cram. It was such a great time saver. The four blades gave a nice close shave and the coconut scent was very nice! My legs felt silky smooth and well moisturized! I highly recommend it!

5. Mishelle G: Holy cow the skin was smooth and not dry after it. I usually get the flaky white skin after I shave no matter what I use but I didn’t! I’m actually going to keep using it as it’s fantastic on my legs!!

6. Deanna C: First off, I love the design. Most impressive to me was the suction cup holder where I could easily store my razor in the shower and its up out of the way. Great handle, very easy to use. The attached moisture pack it great, lathers up quickly, leaves skin feeling smooth. My only complaint would be the hair builds up and is very difficult to remove, do to the lotion solid around the blade. I have been using for over a week, so I would question if the life of this razor is shorter then the other razors on the market. At this time I am completely sold on this product, be great for travelling as you don’t require anything else. Thanks so much for the opportunity to test it out.

7. Michelle C: Used twice only: 

  • First use there is a lot of foam/soap so much I cannot see what I am doing and do not need to press very hard at all on the razor for the blades to do their job.
  • Second use hardly any foam/soap but need to press harder on the razor to get a good shave.
  • Works well for bikini area; this razor shaves better than any other razor I have used for this area. First use press very lightly but second use had to press a little harder and I had to shave against and with the grain to get all of the hair/stubble.
  • This shaver left my skin feeling so soft and smooth even before I put lotion on after my shower. I also liked the design of the narrow but short handle because it is much easier to maneuver in the bikini areas and for my legs. Overall, I would definitely recommend this shaver especially, for bikini areas and legs.

Review from her Mother:

  • Only used razor once.
  • Foam/soap leaked/came out from between the blade and handle area which my was felt on the handle and bothered her
  • Glides nicely on your skin
  • Did not keep stubble away longer than other razors do
  • Too much soap coming from razor on first use

8. Jackie M: Right off – I love this razor! I really liked not having to lather up before using it – which is a timesaver. And well, who doesn’t need that? It shaved well, and the handle larger and fits well in your hand for good control. The flexible head made sure there were no cuts or nicks and it glided well. My legs tend to be dry at this time of the year, and it’s nice to use something that also helps with that. Really that makes it a 3 in 1, which is pretty cool. It’s nice to just grab and go when travelling, too. No having to add yet another item to my travel bag – just drop in the razor and I’m done. Overall I’d say this one’s a keeper and I would recommend it to friends.

9. Londia B:  It is easy to handle as it is nice and big to hold in your hand and easy to glide on your legs and armpits. I like the fact that you can shave without adding soap to lather as it is on the top of the razor to have nice soft skin with every glide you go with. Your skin feels nice and soft on every glide and after your shower is done you feel smooth. Also I liked how the razor pivoted to go along my skin to have a great shave. I found that the suction did not hold on to my shower wall. Not such a big deal as I have a spot to put the big razor.

10. Brenda P: I received the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor and immediately fell in love with the scent. I love the smell of coconut. I loved how it the razor glided over my skin and left them feeling very soft. Normally after shaving, my legs feel dry, flaky, and itchy and I have to immediately put on moisturizer. They didn’t feel dry at all and using this razor. I really like that it comes with a razor handle so that I can just hang until next use. I’d definitely purchase this razor in the future and I recommend this to others.

11. Sandra M: I went for my shower not thinking much about the new Shick razor that I had won from Simply Stacie. I washed my hair and then thought I should try the new razor out on my legs. Well, at first I thought I had left the cap on because it did not seem to be removing any hair. I ran my fingers over the stubble but the stubble was gone. My leg felt silky. I took a few more swipes and the same thing…….Well, I am sold! Not only does this razor remove hair without the usual scraping and burning, it left behind a silky texture to my skin. Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor is my new best friend!

12. Erika K: The Schick Intuition razor left my skin soft and smooth. I usually have some irritation on my legs after I shave but not with this new razor. I also didn’t have to go over the same area more than once. The fact that I didn’t need any additional soap or shaving gel was a plus. The coconut milk and almond scent is heavenly. I will definitely enjoy shaving more with this razor.

13. Erika B: I recently had the chance to review the new Pure Nourishment razor from Schick. I was amazed by this new razor and I love that you don’t even need to use shaving cream, it’s built right in and it moisturizes at the same time!! When I opened the package I could see how nice this razor looked and I couldn’t wait to try it. I live in a dry climate so this razor was definitely worth trying!! I could not believe how soft and close a shave it was, and how soft it left my legs afterwards. My son, was amazed by the look of this razor, and I have to say my husband was a bit jealous as well! I would definitely recommend this razor to anyone looking for an amazing razor. I know I will be using this razor from now on!!

14. Cheryl A: I received and used my new Schick Intuition pure nourishment razor and it works great. It goes around corners easily. It leaves my legs and arms feeling smooth and soft instead of dried out. I would definitely recommend this razor. I give it a 5 (where 5 is the highest) on a scale of 1-5. Thank you for the chance to try this razor.

15. Lori B: I was lucky enough to to review this razor. When I got it, it was perfect timing, as my legs were OVERDUE for a shave. So I opened up the packaging, and gave it a try. I liked how easy it was to use the razor, I enjoyed the comfort of the handle, it was a nice size for me. I have thick dark hair, and I found the razor provided a very close shave and left no red spots or irritation that I have come to expect with other razors I have been using. Schick did well making this one, and I will be letting all the ladies I know to try it. Now to keep it away from my hubby.

16. Jana L: When I first opened the packaging of the Schick Intuition razor, my initial thought was that the razor was big, bulky and would never live up to its claims. However, I quickly changed my tune when I used the razor. All I did was wet the razor and it all the work in minimal time, no fuss and no mess. The coconut and almond smell is amazing, the scents aren’t overpowering but every time you use it you get a hint of the amazing scent. The moisturizing bars cushion the razor nicely, where it provides a (not noticeable) lather and leaves your skin moisturized right afterwards. The pivoting head really does follow the contours of my body without even trying. I found that after I had showered, and towel dried, I didn’t need to apply lotion to the shaved area because it felt rich, smooth and moisturized. Overall, I quite like the razor and would definitely recommend it to those who are tried of lathering up with shaving cream/gel, who have dry skin and want smooth skin with no fuss or mess.

17. Lori R: I tried out the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor that I won on a Simply Stacie contest. I was very impressed. I don’t usually shave my legs in the shower as I need glasses to see what I am doing, but I thought I would try with this product. WOW! No shaving lotion, no time wasted. It usually takes me about 15 to shave my legs on the side of the tub, wetting my legs, applying lotion, etc, etc. Then I still have to shower. Using this razor added about 4 minutes to my shower time, my skin is nice and soft and the scent is very nice and mild (coconut milk and almond oil). I will recommend this to my family and friends. In fact, this will make a great Easter basket addition.

18. Debra R: I received The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor yesterday and just had to try it out… My legs feel so soft now. Love it. I also really like the coconut milk and oil scent Mmmmmmm Smells so fresh ….Thanks again for the freebie.

19. Leah L: Thank-you for the opportunity to review this product. I loved using the razor! I shaved my legs in half the time, I didn’t need to apply shave gel, I just wet the razor head and starting shaving! The large handle was nice to hold on to. The fragrance of the bar was delightful! It shaved my legs very well, I didn’t need to go over them twice. I found with the Gillette Heads that have gel bars on them you still have to apply something else to your legs when shaving. I have certainly found my favorite razor!

20. Susan M: I was one of the lucky ones to win the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razors from Simply Stacie and Schick. I thought it would be just another razor that would shave my legs and underarms. I was wrong.

What I noticed was the following:

1. I suffer from dry skin that at times the doctor needs to give me medication for. I noticed after shaving I did not feel itchy and did not have to apply lots of lotion to ease that. My skin did not feel tight and dry. I did use my body wash the first few times as I was nervous but then thought I need to test it completely so did it with just the soap (coconut milk and olive oil).

2. This is an odd one but must mention it. I found it easy to clean. You know after you shave and need to rinse it. Nothing worse than the razors that seem to not want to rinse clean.

3. I also was not dropping it all the time in the shower. This razor is the right size to hang onto. I really dislike those skinny razors as I tend to always drop them in the shower.

4. Refillable love this option as I am all about saving money. I like that I don’t have to buy more razors just the blade part. To be honest I am also hoping that Schick offers coupons (which I seem to think they do) for this as well.

5. The smell of the coconut and olive oil is not overpowering. I dislike scents that seem to powerful.

6. It can attach to your shower wall so that it is not laying around for children to get into (I assume that would be the main concern). It is a simple suction cup no screws or sticky tape so you can move it easily as needed.

As you can see I am not a professional reviewer and just gave my observations on this product. Simply Stacie all ready gave a professional review when this contest was run and she had pics.

21. Kelly B: I tried the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor on the weekend and absolutely love it. The smell is great also. My skin is dry this time of year and usually I have to moisturize like crazy after shaving. After using this razor my legs were very soft and not itchy at all. Thanks for the chance to review this and I believe that I will continue to use this razor.

22. Sydney D: I loved this razor. At first, I was skeptical about using a razor without shaving cream or soap. I thought I would be all cut up. I was wrong. The Schick Intuitions Naturals razor worked great. It worked very fast, and very well. It was smooth and got rid of hair very quickly. The only thing I didn’t like was that the soap bar seemed noticeably smaller after just 1 use. Other than that, it worked fantastic! 

23. Isabelle S:  First surprise, it smell really good !!! I tought it was really big too. It took me a couples of try to understand how shave right. It’s fast, efficient and i like the fact that the “soap” on it is not to strong. I have a very dry skin and it work well. On the legs, very effective. I did’nt like it in smaller places. The head is really big and i’m afraid to cut myself. So, for me, it’s a excellent product to do the job fast, during the week. Because you send me the complete piece, i’m gonna use it often and buy supply for it. I would like to thank you very very much for letting me discover a product.

24. Angela M: I recently reviewed the Schick pure nourishment razor and loved it. I loved the nice light scent and was impressed with the extra blade that came with it. It was a very smooth shave, it lathered very nicely and I got no cuts or scrapes. After I shaved I never applied any lotion to see if it moisturized my skin. And my skin was still left feeling very soft and smooth, No dry skin. I loved this razor and I would use it again and recommend it to friends and family.

25. Alison K: So the infamous box containing this mystery razor finally showed up … yippy. Thinking it’s bulky shape would be awkward to use, I was skeptical but I had nothing to worry about. The coconut milk & almond oil were a delicious scent which enveloped my shower in a luxury spa feel … so this is what spa-ing is like! The 4-blades worked wonders & the moisturizing solid helped to make them slide over my skin. Even with “winter” skin, ie that dry, flaky skin that never seems to absorb enough moisture, the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor gave me smooth, hairless skin. Would most definitely recommend this to my friends & family but for the price, I’ll wait for it to be on sale. Thanks again Stacie for allowing me the opportunity to experience such a great product.

26. Martina J: I used this for the first time this morning At First I was intimidated by the size of the handle as most other razors are pretty small in comparison but the grip was fantastic and comfortable. I shaved my legs and underarm and loved the minimal amount of “soap” it used One stroke did the job my skin now a few hours later feels = slightly more moisturized then normal. The only negative is when shaving legs you cant tell where you have finished or not…making it easier to miss spots.

27. Leanne K: Overall I really like the Schick razor. I would recommend it to my friends and would buy another one. Pros – wide handle makes it easier to hold (I have arthritis in my hands); the scent is not too strong; leaves my legs soft; shaves close. Cons – only one side of the bar seems to be getting used; it is top heavy; holds too much water.

28. Melissa M: As a recent winner of the Schick Razor I have to say at first I was not sure of the product, it’s very large (well much larger then I am used too), and I have seen it in stores and thought it was pretty expensive. However, after trying it I am in love. It is very convenient. I am always running out of shaving cream when I am half way done and this razor saves that hassle. I did thoroughly enjoy using this and will continue to in the future. I have only two complaints, the first is that the hair does builds up in the razor itself and it is very difficult to remove. My second complaint is that the lotion seems to run out before the razor is exhausted. Other then that, what a great product.

29. Sarah S: I was thoroughly impressed with this razor. Normally, I use men’s razors like Fusion cause they do a much better job, but the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor really competes with the Fusion! The built in shave cream actually foams, unlike others I’ve used in the past. My only complaint is that the built in shave cream doesn’t last long enough.

30. Brenda W: I was lucky enough to try out this great razor while I was on Easter holidays in Punta Cana, DR. I totally loved this razor and how it nourishes the skin while removing hair at the time. Very Genius of Schick.

31. Jan V: Thank you for the opportunity to try the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor. With the price of razors it sure is nice to get one for free! Just to get that out of the way…why do manufacturers feel the need to price razors and refill blades so grossly high? I have fine hair so don’t generally tend to find a big difference in the end result of a shave unless I’m using a really cheap razor. For me it comes down to the comfort of holding and handling. The downfall of this razor for me is that it is way too bulky, and it cannot get into the curvature of my armpit easily enough. I am also finding that the soap lathers a little too well, making it empty quickly. My legs, however, felt as smooth as they have ever felt when finished – and I didn’t need to moisturize.

32. Suzanne J:  I have tested the razor and can say it did its purpose. I got a clean shave with no effort. The coconut scent was pleasant and was not over powering. The disappointment was the head of the handle(very clunky)where the blade is inserted. The handle grip was well designed and easy to hold in your hand. The suction cup and holder didn’t hold up to the showers wall. But I give the performance of the razor 4 out of 5 star rate system.

33. Jeannette L: I don’t shave during the winter, only when the nice weather arrives, so I decided to try out my new Schick on my ‘winter coat.’ I loved it! It was so nice to not need shaving cream or gel. It simply glided down my leg effortlessly without any fear of being nicked, and let me tell you, I generally cut myself at least once every time I shave. It actually seemed to glide better than with my usual thick layer of shaving cream. The other amazing thing is that I only needed to go over each part of my leg once, and that never happens. Also, I have the worst dry skin ever and when I shave I usually need to use moisture cream afterward. Not this time though! My legs felt smooth as silk. I am a convert and the Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment™ razor is now my best friend in the shower!

34. Nicholle B: Okay, I have a confession…I’m a lazy shaver. Typically, I will just run a razor over the area(s) needing to be shaved without using any shaving cream or soap…just water and hope that I got everywhere without any nicks or cuts. Since trying the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor it has become my favourite…it takes no more time to use then my old routine, it has a really nice smell (and not too strong), it feels great and it’s just all around a really great razor. I’ve had no nicks or cuts since using this…in fact, at first I thought it wasn’t even working because I couldn’t feel the blades touching my skin and it just was so smooth and effortless but it was working and does a great job! My legs feel great and so soft after a shower. I will definitely be looking to purchase refills and make this a regular product. The only down side for me was really the shower attachment…it just didn’t seem to work for me but that’s really a minor detail as I have a shelf I can put the razor on anyway. This has improved my shower routine without adding any extra time. I love it!

35. Tara F: I was absolutely delighted to receive, and have the opportunity to rate, the new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor, in the mail! My impression of the razor packaging was this: This must be fate! I love coconut! Coconut and Almond Oil? I am thinking a beach in paradise! And I am there! My next thought was about the color of the razor.. Different! And nice that it is not the ‘usual’ pink razor! For use of the razor it thought it was amazing! Loved the smell, but more so, I loved the way my skin feels after using this razor! Absolutely luxurious! A must see, buy and use! It is all vacation divine!

36. Viv S:  The good: While shaving with the Intuition the first several times, I was pleased that I couldn’t even feel the razor. It didn’t even seem like I was shaving. It felt smooth and silky as I shaved. I really like the simple shower hanger too. The smell is fantastic. Very summery. I wasn’t sure I would like the balance of handle to head and the shape of the handle seemed like it would be awkward to hold to shave but it actually was a very comfortable grip and well balanced. The bad: The soapy part wears down pretty quickly; after about 5 or 6 shaves I could feel the scratch of the blades against my skin. The first time I used the Intuition, I felt like I had a little bit of razor burn for a bit but I think my skin was just not used to the soap and it was fine for all other shaves. I found the soap has a thick residue that you have to wash (as opposed to just rinse) off. Overall, a pretty decent razor. It makes shaving seem more of a luxury than a chore.

37. Tanya B: I have used Schick Intuition razors in the past about 5 years ago and thought having the bar around the razor was genius. Having had the chance to try the new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment recently I can say its still my favourite travel friendly razor. It gave me a smooth quick shave when I’m in a rush. There were no more worries about running out of shave gel half way through a shave. Every time I use this razor I know I will always have all I need when it comes to a smooth shave.

38. Krista G: I was one of the winners of the Schick Intuition Razors well have to tell you I love it Love how it leaves your skin so smooth and soft after shaving and the scent is fabulous. I really enjoy the convenience of it not having to use shaving cream is the best thing ever. Absolutely love it THANK YOU again for giving me this opportunity to try it.

The winner of the $100 Visa Gift Card is……#29 Sarah S.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to send in your reviews.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes & $100 Visa Gift Card as compensation. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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