Preparing for a New Kitten or Puppy

In 2010, we became the proud owners of two beautiful female kittens. Princess and Misty are sisters from the same litter, but are so much different in looks and personality. Princess has an attitude and is bold while Misty is sweet and loving. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed after bringing them home. Thankfully, we didn’t have many issues with them, but I remember trying to look online to figure out what type of food to feed them and when I should take them to the vet for needles/check-ups.

Preparing for a new kitten or puppy

If/when we decide to get another kitten or puppy, I know exactly where to look now online for help. Thanks to Purina, there’s two online resources for pet owners to get information about their new addition to the family: and Plus, when you register (for free), you’ll receive a complimentary information kit, an engravable pet tag and a coupon for free kitten or puppy food.


On, you can find tips about bringing home your kitten and what you will need, feeding tips including do’s and don’ts, information about kitty behaviour, training tips, health care tips and more. has the same type of information but for puppies. I took note of the section on training your puppy. I always found that part the  hardest when we’ve owned dogs in the past.


Getting a new pet is a lot of work. It’s nice to know that there’s a site like and that can help people be responsible pet owners. I’ve owned both kittens and puppies in the past. In my experience, puppies were a lot more work! I’m happy with my cats for now, but you never know we may just decide to get a dog someday. John has been wanting to get one for awhile now. I’m still on the fence about it though. We’ll see…

Kittens has some valuable advice about prepping your home for your kitten’s arrival. They recommend going through your home and looking at things from a kitten’s perpsective. They advise the following:

Cut the cords: Kittens can get tangled in cords (or by anything swinging or hanging), so keep your new pet safe by securing drape or blind strings out of reach, and bundling phone and electric cables

Keep a lid on it: Make sure the toilet seat is always down – an unsuspecting kitten could slip into the bowl. And keep your everyday toiletries and toxic cleaning products out of sight by keeping cabinets closed, so the kitten doesn’t encounter razors, bleach, dental floss and other household items when exploring. For a list of some common materials that are poisonous to cats visit

Practice appliance awareness: Cats love warm spots to siesta, so be sure to keep doors to kitchen and laundry appliances closed. And just to be safe, always check inside before using them.

I encourage you to register on either or to get all the info you need to know about your new pet. Getting the freebies in the mail is just an added bonus! 

Preparing for a New Kitten or Puppy

Disclosure: I was  financially compensated for this post. The opinions are my own. 

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