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Getting Ready for Easter with Easy-Off #EOSpringCleaning

This may sound a little strange, but one of my favorite parts of spring is the cleaning. It feels so good getting my house in order and getting rid of junk we don’t use and making all our surface nice and shiny clean. Lately, I’ve been trying to get everything ready for the upcoming Easter holiday and my parent’s visit in April. I’m the type of person who feels embarrassed when company comes over and my house is a mess. My mom would definitely say something so I’m starting extra early this year to make sure it’s in tip top shape. 

I got one big job out of the way just in time for Easter: cleaning my oven.  With Easter dinner preparation, my oven will be getting a lot of attention and I want to make sure it’s clean. I’ve been using Easy-Off Oven Cleaner for years because it works. It’s no wonder it’s the #1 oven cleaner on the market! With five times more grease-cutting power than the leading all-purpose cleaner, it eliminates your food spills and baked on grease. 

Easy Off

I like that it pretty much does the job for me. I mainly use the cold cleaning method where you spray the Easy-Off inside the oven and then let it sit for 20 to 40 minutes. Then it’s just a matter of going in with a wet cloth and the grease literally just slides off. Rinse and repeat a few times and your oven is clean and company-ready. 


John remarked how it looked like a new oven. He’s never cleaned an oven so he has no clue how Easy-Off works and he watched me clean it out. He said he thought there would be more scrubbing and elbow grease involved. Nope!

It’s a quick job and I don’t know why I always dreaded doing the oven because it’s really not that hard when I use Easy-Off. Cleaning the oven doesn’t have to be a chore. And now I’m all set for the holiday!

Easy-Off is available in two formulas: 

  • Heavy-Duty: Quickly cuts tough grease in less than 5 minutes
  • Fume-Free: Emits no caustic fumes and safe to use in self-cleaning ovens

The one I use is Heavy-Duty, but I’m interested in trying out Fume-Free to see what it’s like. 

How do you prepare your home for the holidays?

Disclosure: I was financially compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own.

Stacie Vaughan

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