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Never Waste Cleaner Again with Clorox Smart Tube® Technology

When I’m stressed out, I clean. I’m not sure why it relaxes me, but it does. However, there’s one thing that annoys the heck out of me when I’m on a cleaning mission. You know when your bottle of spray cleaner is down to a few centimeters and you spray and spray and nothing comes out? Yeah that. You can see there’s still cleaner left. You can shake it and hear it in there, but when you go to spray, you fail. 

Sure, I could maybe add some water to the bottle so there’s enough liquid for the spray bottle to work.  BUT I don’t like to because it dilutes my cleaner and doesn’t do as good of a job. I’ve even opened the lid and tried to pour the cleaner on, but have always made an even bigger mess (I don’t recommend this). What normally ends up happening is I leave the almost empty bottle under my kitchen sink and just buy a new one. I always mean to pour the old one in the new bottle, but I forget. Needless to say, I have my own little collection of half empty cleaners. Can you relate?

I was recently contacted to try out Clorox’s new Smart Tube® Technology. My curiosity was definitely piqued. You see the Smart Tube® Technology is their innovative new packaging allowing you to use every last drop of your spray cleaner. No joke. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t really understand how it worked, but after trying it out for myself and reading up on it, I have to say, it “wowed” me! 

With the Smart Tube® Technology, there’s no more waste. You can use every last drop of your cleaner. You know what that means? No more “almost” empty bottles hanging around under my sink! Also, you are getting your money’s worth from each bottle you buy since you can use all of it.

Check out the diagram below to see how it works.


I received a bottle of Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Cleaner as well as an empty bottle using the Smart Tube® Technology to see it in action. I put just a tiny bit in the bottle and turned the nozzle to “On”. It sprayed like it was a full bottle! I had to show John because I was so shocked how well it worked. 

I’m still using the Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Cleaner to keep our stand-up shower clean. I like that it’s spray and walk away. No rinsing or scrubbing required. I still have a lot left, but I know when it runs low, I won’t be frustrated and have to waste perfectly good cleaner.


See the yellow strip down the side of the bottle? That indicates that this bottle uses the new Smart Tube® Technology.

fresh shower

This technology can be found on Clorox and Tilex cleaning sprays in stores now including Sobeys, Walmart, Target, Loblaws, Safeway, Overwaitea and Metro. It’s coming to Green Works products in May/June. In terms of prices, it varies from $2.99 to $4.99 depending on the product and where you live.

I also have been using Clorox Newly Formulated Concentrated Bleach. It’s in a smaller bottle so it takes up less space in our laundry area. However, it still gives you the same number of uses as before with the bigger bottle because it’s highly concentrated.  I prefer this smaller bottle because it’s easier for me to pour.

I use bleach mainly with my laundry. I have white towels and I find it really helps to keep them staying white and fresh looking.



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