Ben’s Beginners Contest

Uncle Ben’s is the only brand of rice my mom will use. I remember going grocery shopping for her and I picked up another brand of rice. She nicely, but firmly told me that next time I go I need to make sure I get Uncle Ben’s! Now I know when she writes “rice” on her grocery list she really means “Uncle Ben’s rice”. She’s particular and I can’t blame her. Uncle Ben’s rice is the best.

We often have rice as part of our supper. It’s quick to make and also very affordable. It’s also very versatile and you can do so much with rice. If I’ve made a dish that has too much liquid, I will throw on a pot of rice and use it to soak up the liquid for a delicious meal. I love mixing white rice with my slow cooker chili especially! Another easy dinner side dish a can of cream of broccoli soap and some rice. Mix the two together and you have a tasty side for your meal.

Uncle Bens

In a couple weeks, I’ll be sharing a recipe I’m making from the Uncle Ben’s site. I haven’t quite decided on what to make yet. Maybe this Stuffed Peppers recipe? I have a few pinned so now just to narrow down my choices. They’ve got a good selection to choose from and it’s hard to pick just one!

Ben’s Beginners Contest

To celebrate their launch of Uncle Ben’s on Facebook in Canada, Uncle Bens is hosting a video contest to help promote parents cooking with their kids and teaching them healthier eating habits. In the Ben’s Beginners contest you can enter to win a grand prize of $30,000CDN with $10,000 awarded as a cheque to the winner and $20,000 awarded on behalf of the winner to the winner’s child’s school for Healthy Life Style Initiatives.  There’s also four secondary prizes of $1000CDN! I don’t think I need to point out that it’s A LOT of $ so I encourage you to enter!

To enter, like Uncle Ben’s on Facebook and then submit your video of you and your child (age 5 to 12) cooking a healthy dish that includes Uncle Ben’s rice product. The contest is open to Canada only and ends April 7, 2013.

Ben's Beginners Contest + Uncle Ben's Prize Pack Giveaway

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received products as compensation. The opinions are my own.

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