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Shushybye Baby DVD Collection Review

My son is definitely getting to the age where television has started to captivate him more frequently. In particular, he will stop everything he is doing if a song catches his attention causing him to run over to the television and begin dancing with wild abandon. The Shushybye Baby DVD collection was no exception; as soon as I put the first disc in, my son began laughing and dancing around to the theme song. The Shushybye Baby TV series is created by Babyfirst TV, whose mission is to provide parents with engaging and appropriate content to nurture learning. In conjunction with this, their website provides parents and their children with educational content created by early childhood experts.

Shushybye Baby DVD Collection Review

The Shushybye series is set in Shushybye, a land above the clouds where the Shushies live and create dreams for children. Children need to be in bed in order to get their dreams, so the series encourages toddlers and preschoolers to get into bed when Mommy and Daddy ask. Each episode provides developmentally appropriate lessons, healthy sleeping tips and extremely catchy songs. After I had shown him the show the first time, my son took it upon himself to open the DVD case and put the disc in the DVD player all on his own the next day. As soon as the show came on, he began dancing all around again. The length of each episode is perfect for just before bedtime (or any time your child might request to see it, because let’s face it: they have minds of their own). I find myself singing the songs after we watch it because they have such a memorable tune. The 3 DVD set ($29.98) features a total of 26 episodes that are just under ten minutes each and has a total of 56 songs to sing and dance along to! These can be purchased in the Shushybye Shoppe online, along with many other Shushybye products including books, CDs, plush dolls and sleepwear!

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