An Interview with Oz the Great and Powerful’s Rachel Weisz #DisneyOzEvent

In Oz the Great and Powerful (in theaters March 8th, 2013), Rachel Weisz portrays Evanora, one of three witches with an interest in governing the land of Oz. Though Ms. Weisz has acted in films with fantasy elements in them, this is her first time playing one of the fantasy characters.

An Interview with Oz the Great and Powerful's Rachel Weisz #DisneyOzEvent

As a child, Ms. Weisz recalled seeing The Wizard of Oz in theaters. “Witches really terrified me…they seared into my mind, properly terrifying me.” As for any lasting damage from exposure to The Wizard of Oz and a scary green witch, she said, “I don’t think it’s damaging, fairy tales. I think they’re kind of…important, archetypal stories.”

Since Ms. Weisz is also a mother, we asked her what age children should be in order to see Oz the Great and Powerful. “Every kid is different, and I think every mom knows their kid…I don’t think there’s anything too scary for little kids. I’d probably say…a bit younger than eight, but then I think it’s for the mom to decide.”

Since many people feel there is an Oz legacy to uphold, we asked Ms. Weisz if she felt nervous accepting the role of Evanora. “I’m nervous at any role that I do…I wouldn’t really do a role unless I wasn’t nervous about it, because that’s what’s exciting is trying something new, and I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never played a fantasy character.”

Portraying a fantasy character made it so that Ms. Weisz would get to do things she had never done before in films…like fly! “Flying is really fun, kind of…scary and quite exciting, like…really good rollercoaster ride.”

To prepare playing a fantasy character, Ms. Weisz relied solely on her imagination. “There was nothing that could help me prepare. Obviously, there’s no witches I could interview or talk to, and…it’s just pure fantasy. So the costume…was a huge part of finding the character, and it’s just pure make believe. Just like being a kid, basically.”

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*Disney provided me with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to attend the red carpet premiere and participate in cast and crew interviews. The image used in this post is used with Disney’s permission. No financial compensation was received in exchange for this post.*


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