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ECO-heater Wall Mounted Heater Review

Surprisingly it does get cold enough on occasion in Florida that we have to use our central heat when it dips close to freezing temperatures. I really don’t like to use the central heat because it is so expensive however my husband gets cold easily so we use the heat cycle about ten times per year as well as in the mornings when it is chilly. Old fashioned space heaters are another option but I refuse to even consider using it in our home for safety reasons having young children and a dog.

Touted as “efficient, effective, economical™”, I was thrilled to discover the ECO-heater which is an excellent option for home heating. This unique home heater installs easily onto the wall and circulates heat by convection with no cumbersome fans or moving parts to worry about. The ECO-heater is even more impressive to my husband and I after setting it up and using it because it has heated our master bedroom beautifully and there was no need to use the central heat with temperatures outside reading 31 degrees F.

ECO-heater Wall Mounted Heater Review

How does the ECO-heater work? The design is brilliant because it is extremely slim and takes up virtually no space at all in the room. The 400 watt ECO-heater panel mounts easily on the wall and installation took us less than 15 minutes. My husband was able to use the hardware included with the ECO-heater to level, drill and then attach the heat reflector and the unit to the bedroom wall… simple! The flat design blends right into our white wall and can even be patented with Latex paint to match your décor.

We turned on the ECO-heater (one model includes a built in thermostat) and we were both so surprised with the amount of circulated radiant heat this unit generated in our bedroom. It was warm and cozy without being stifling at all which was great for me (I prefer it much colder than my husband). Using the ECO-heater instead of the central heat was a wonderful way for both of us to be content.

ECO-heater Wall Mounted Heater Review

The ECO-heater is also very economical because it reportedly costs only 4 cents of electricity per hour which is a huge savings from when I hesitantly open our normal electric bill after using the central heat for a few days!

Overall, we are most pleased with the effectiveness of the ECO-heater and I highly recommend it for any room up to 200 square feet that you want to economically heat i.e. bedroom, garage, bathroom, living room etc.

ECO-heater Wall Mounted Heater Review

You are invited to visit the ECO-heater website to learn more about this product and to purchase one (or more) online to heat your home. It is also available for purchase with a SRP ranging from $119 for the NA400S/C400S model to $129.95 for the T400U model at leading hardware stores including ACE, True Value and Lowes.

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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