Wonderfully Dysfunctional Book Review

Wonderfully Dysfunctional by Buffi NealTitle: Wonderfully Dysfunctional: It Must be Genetic (Volume 1)

Author: Buffi Neal

My Review:

What a wonderful outpouring of emotion! On the back of the book, above the synopsis are six words – A woman’s journey to find normal… I’m finding it difficult to find the words to give you an accurate description of the feelings she has invoked. I can now look over my “dysfunctional” family with different eyes and find the normal in all of us. Being wonderfully crazy and individually unique often makes for the most protective and loving of families.

Buffi is called to her grandmother’s deathbed and looking around the room at her family, she starts to wonder where she fits in. Through memories of her upbringing, both the good and the horrifying, she tells the story about how she was raised that will leave you, in turns, laughing and crying. As a single mother, recently divorced, she struggles to find her place in her family and in her own mind. During the next few months she discovers family secrets, rediscovers connections with her siblings and learns more about herself than she ever thought she would.

Everyone has feelings of self-doubt at some point in their lives. Some carry those feelings their entire lives but others find inspiration in adversity and rise up to the challenges that life offers them. Buffi has found her voice and her passion in writing – something she wouldn’t have done without a little nudge from Mopsie. I hope you do pick this book up, read it and take away a little inspiration to step outside your comfort zone. Maybe even become who you were meant to be. Thank you, Buffi! You write with grace, humor and a courage that is refreshing to the mind and spirit.

*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this novel.*


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