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Taken 2 Review


  1. I loved the first Taken, but the second one was kind of disappointing. There was plenty of action and it was entertaining, but it wasn’t a great movie. And I agree with your statement about several things not making sense.

  2. Yeah, I had heard that this one wasn’t as good as the first.

  3. I too heard that this one wasn’t as good, thats too bad I was looking forward to seeing it. Thank you for the honest review !

  4. I loved the first movie and we ended up turning this one off halfway through. Like you said, it just didn’t make a lot of sense!

  5. I’m really glad I didn’t spend money to see this in the theater… There are always people who will say the lousiest movies are great, which is what I had heard from a couple of people, but was suspicious simply from the title. Why they didn’t call it Taken Again is beyond me, it would have made more sense. The idea of a rehash didn’t sit well with me, so I figured I’d wait til it was on video. Now, I’ll wait til it’s on tv, and may still not watch it! Thanks for the honest review!!

  6. Great review! I haven’t seen this one yet, but I did see the first movie, and I loved it! Looking forward to watching part 2.

  7. I thought 3 thoughts about the movie. 1- I should have waited for the rental & closed caption because Liam Neeson is such a quiet actor I couldn’t hear what he was growling half the time. 2- All the cars are Mercedes or other foreign cars, but I swear one of the police detectives rolled up in a Chevy, or at least a car with a Chevy logo. And 3- If you have a date in Constantinople she’ll be waiting in Istanbul (my music choices are showing).

  8. Andrea Perra Hadfield Reply

    I could have easily guessed what your review would be. Unfortunately sequels are never (ok almost never) as good as the first. The original taken was a great movie. I too love Liam Neeson!

  9. I loved the first Taken as much as everyone and I thought the second movie was just as good. I thought it was great how they made it the same storyline and a continuation from the first. I went and exchanged one of my movies I got in the mail from my Blockbuster @Home service through DISH at a local Blockbuster store to watch this movie. I was working my shift at DISH and one of my co-workers reminded me it was out on DVD. With this service I can go exchange any movies I get in the mail at a local store with no additional cost. I love that I can do that, because I don’t have to wait to see a movie I really want to see.

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