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SodaStream Review

 If you’re someone who likes a clean, fresh, low calorie drink, and wants to reduce their carbon footprint, look no further. The SodaStream Genesis sparkling water and soda machine will be your new best friend. I recently had the privilege to review this product. Let me tell you, I am a picky one for taste, and one for watching her calories. So when I poured my first drink and took that test sip, I was very happy with what I found.


The installation was quick and easy and took under five minutes, even for me. I rarely have the patience to put anything together. The instructions were written out in simple format and also had picture diagrams.

After the set up, it took mere seconds to fill the bottle included in the kit and press the easy to reach button on the top to carbonate the water. The flavour bottles come in easy to hold containers and instructions on the side. One capful poured into the water, a gentle shake, and it’s done. That simple. From set up to the first drink, it took about ten minutes.


I tried the Orange Grapefruit flavour, at 35 calories per cap full. It had a nice clean, crisp flavour. If you wanted just a hint of flavour in your water or something a little stronger, I am sure you can adjust the amount you put into the water bottle. The water is best when chilled, as it states in the instructions. I was curious to try it right away, so I just put in a few ice cubes and it tasted fantastic. The recyclable and resealable bottle is now chilling in my fridge, waiting for the next use. I can not say how the other flavours taste, but there are many to choose from. They range from colas to ice teas, to fruit drinks to green teas.

The Genesis machine is sleek and not bulky, and takes up very little room on my counter. The bottles are fantastic to take on the go. The replacement parts are easy to order on their website along with over dozens and dozens of flavours to choose from. They range in price from $6.99CAD and up. The machine itself is listed as $129.99 on their website. You can also find the SodaStream machines and accessories in Walmart.

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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