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New Year, New Start with SHOP.CA

At the beginning of 2013, I set some blogging related goals. I’ve also created another list of goals: my resolutions of things I would like to see happen for myself in 2013 personally. I know some people don’t believe in setting resolutions but I’ve had some success with keeping up with mine…as long as it’s something I truly want to see happen!

My 2013 Personal Resolutions

1. Lose 15 lbs: In 2012, I set a goal to lose weight. Over the course of a year I lost over 50 lbs mainly through diet. I would like to push myself a little further and lose another 15 lbs through diet and by adding exercise to the mix.

2. Stop sweating the small stuff: I suffer from anxiety and worry about things that are beyond my control. It’s a daily struggle, but I’m getting there. I am learning to just let go and to realize that not everyone will agree/like what I do. I think of the quotes, “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” and something my grandfather used to say, “This too shall pass”.

3. Get healthy: When I was studying acupuncture years ago, I remember our instructor telling our class, that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) says that you should do a cleanse each season. I would like to do a full body cleanse at the start of each season.

4. Eat more veggies: I want to aim to eat vegetables every day this year. I also need to step out of my comfort zone and try new vegetables. I tried brussel sprouts a few weeks ago for the very first time and was surprised how good they are. I always thought I wouldn’t like them because of the smell when they are cooking.

 5. Get active: I’m limited with how much I do because of my chronic pain. I want to exercise more on my good days even if that means just walking up and down my street. Baby steps…


I had a look around my favourite Canadian SHOPPING website, SHOP.CA, and discovered a variety of products that can help me achieve my goals for 2013. I’ve added them to my personal wishlist of things to buy.

1. Heaven Fresh – HF 3022 Deluxe Juicer: A juicer will help me add more veggies to my diet because I can sneak them into smoothies for breakfast. I’ve found so many delicious smoothie recipes on Pinterest that I want to try. This particular juicer is very affordable too!

Heaven Fresh - HF 3022 Deluxe Juicer

2. Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch With Chronograph, Pulse, And Pedometer: I want a device that records how many steps I’ve taken each day. This way I can know how much I am moving and can try and beat my own records. The heart rate monitor is also good so I know if I’m working out hard enough and if I need to push myself harder.

Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch With Chronograph, Pulse, And Pedometer

3. ZUMBA FITNESS 2 Wii: We own a Wii, but I rarely use it. I’ve heard many good things about Zumba so I would love to try it out and see how I like it. I also like that it’s something I can do from home at my own pace. I’d be too self-conscious to go to a class!


4. Women’s Allrounder By Mephisto NOVA Walking Sneakers: I need some new sneakers to go for my walks. These walking sneakers by Mephisto fit the bill and are exactly what I’m looking for. Not only are they super cute, but they are also made to provide the user with a better walking experience. I’ve heard really positive feedback about this brand!

Women's Allrounder By Mephisto NOVA Walking Sneakers

5. TrueDETOX and Cleanse: The last cleanse I did was over 5 years ago and I want to get back into doing them on a regular basis again. I remember how great I felt afterwards! This particular cleanse also helps you with energy and weight loss.

TrueDETOX and Cleanse

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What are your personal goals for 2013?

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